Account settings for imap and exchange account

I entered my credentials for two email accouts in the settings. One is imap and the other exchange. After a few days i noticed that all on the FP2 deleted mails were dropped to a folder called trash and all on my other devices deleted messages go to trash if deleted. Same for drafts and sent mails… So im trying to change the paths for each handling but where?
Thanks for sugestions…
Regards, Novski

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I moved your post here because it is not a general discussion, but a specific problem.


I am trying to get my work email account set up on my phone. It’s Exchange. I enter all the information then it thinks and says ‘couldn’t open connection to server’. Can anyone help??



Arr you sure all details are put in correctly?
MS exchange credentials can sometimes be a pain in the ass. For example sometimes you need to add a domain in front of the user name, unlike on your work computer or webmail access.

I’m afraid I don’t even know enough to understand your help! I am the ultimate non-techie consumer. What is the domain name?

Well, if you are not sure about your credentials/settings, then I think best would be to ask the IT services of your employer for help :slight_smile:

Thanks. She can’t do it either! I think I will have to remain unconnected lol

An app called “Nine” seems to work fine for people with Exchange problems.

Well, that’s awkward, but with my experiences with IT services at certain organizations I am not even surprised.

Do you have webmail access?
Often you may be able to find the settings there, under options or so.

Exchange support and the default E-Mail app work fine on Fairphone. I also use it for my work mail :slight_smile:

When trying to open MS Exchange Server the following message appears: : “Your Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable.” Any recommendations?