Use existing android sim with new FP3+?

I have an android phone (on TalkTalk) which I am going to replace with FP3+ (arriving tomorrow). Can I just move the SIM to the new phone?

If the SIM card can be “stripped” to Nano size (or has Nano size already), yes.


No, it uses a micro sim. I gather they can be cut down but there seem to be lots of people who broke the sim trying this so I’m not sure it is for me.

Your provider, Talk Talk, should be able to offer you a new sim


OK, thanks. I will get on to them tomorrow (errr… I mean later today, just).

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I assume you’re aware that depending on what you needed for your former phone you might need a different charging cable, too.


It might be possible that your current Micro SIM card is “precut” already, then you could easily strip the outer frame off and transform it to Nano size.


Yes, that’s in hand - new charger and cable coming.

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It doesn’t appear to be. There’s no noticeable ‘join’ around the contact patch.

If your provider won’t send you a new sim for just a few £ you can try cutting it down to size. Without a preset tool it can be fiddly.

If your provider is a real shop they probably have a tool to resize it, though they may not admit it straight away

Whatever you do don’t force the sim in the slot and damage the phone :slight_smile:

If you make a mess of the sim then the provider will send you another maybe at a cost, after you tell them the dog chewed your phone to pieces.

There is this

and this

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SIMs are fragile, precision items but they don’t cost much.
A lot depends on them working properly. Old ones can cause problems.
What’s more getting one jammed in the slot will cause bother and possibly damage the phone. How much is your time + your new phone worth?
I don’t as a rule encourage unnecessary spending but in this case I strongly recommend getting a new one!


… then frankly they’re not doing their job.


I have decided to get a better deal anyway - a sim only deal which will get me a new sim as well as being more suited to my needs.

Incidentally when I removed the back of my existing phone to check what size the sim was I discovered that the battery was quite swollen and it was difficult to replace the back cover so the sooner I stop using that the better!

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Be careful!
Some advice and avoid using it if you possibly can.
iFixit have a good article.

Edit : link 2.


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