Use camera button to control media

Hello everyone,

I often take my FP2 with me when I’m running to listen to music. When a song comes up, that I don’t like, I have to take the phone out, unlock it and skip the song via the touchscreen.

If I could use a hardware button to skip, I could leave the phone in my pocket, which would be very convenient.

The camera button seems perfect for this!. Is there a way (maybe with an app) to assign a custom functionality, like media control, to the camera button?

Thanks in advance!

Don’t know if there’s an app that can assign this function to the camera button, but maybe there’s a MP3 player app with an option to use the volume button for this (e.g. long press to skip)?
I found an option to do this in the settings of my old SGS running CM11 (Android 4.4.4), but I couldn’t find it in the FP2 (Android 5.1) settings.


Hi there,
When I listen to music on my headphones, I can remote control this. On the headphones I have a single button, push once for play /stop, push twice for next song. Our when someone calls answer the phone with a push. Maybe this might be an easier answer.

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This sounds cool. Which headphone is it? Does it work well with FP2?

It was the old headphone of an HTC one, and works very well with FP2. I
thank you can just buy such headphones with remote control in them.
Good luck, Wouter

Ps: I am also interested in activating the camera button. It now hardly
does anything with me.
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