USB tethering and Ethernet tethering is not available

Hi together
today I bought the fp4 :slight_smile:
And at home I wantet to try different things. Due to a very bad phone-net I want to use my LAN.
But the Menu of USB-tethering an ethernet-tethering ist not activ.

Any ideas`?
greetings from Fortunat

You may need to enable it via Developer mode

I think I wouldn’t do this except you really understand what you do in this case (it may not be your intention to use tethering for any, device you connect to the phone).

I think these options are only available once you’ve connected USB correctly. So the questions are if you’re sure to use a USB data cable and if all drivers are available.
Is it possible to transfer data using the setup you have?


I understand you want to use your home network via LAN (instead Wlan?) or do you want to use the mobile data of your phone to have internet at home e.g. on your PC? The settings in your Screenshot would be used for the latter.

Using cable based LAN has been discussed in the forum already, maybe search a bit.

That’s one example for FP3

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Wait, did you actually plug in a USB cable (both to the phone and to the PC)? :smiley: Because othewise it doesn’t make sense to enable tethering and the phone simply won’t allow you to do it.

I just checked the settings in the developpermode and compared it with the settings of the samsung tablet (where it works with the same adapter).

where can I check if the FP4 has the driver needed?

Well, I was referring to the drivers of a computer where you want to connect the USB cable to. Or did I misunderstand your setup?

It’s not a problem connecting to the computer.
I don’t get net network-connection

But are the USB and Ethernet settings still greyed out once your computer is connected?

by connecting to the pc USB-tethering is no more greyed, ethernet-tethering is now the only menu what ist greyed
I was alsready wondering if the adapter ist noch working, but with the samsung-galaxy it works …

ps I just made a factory reset and it is still the same

thanks to all who were thinking aubout a solution.
Finally I found my other ethernet-adapter and with this one it works perfectly :slight_smile:
strange … , but nice that it works.

Have a nice weekend


I personally still dont understand what you want to achieve, so could you calrify for others that might be facing similar issues?


Dear fobl,
Could you tell me the model it works with? I have a Ugreen Gigabit and it doesn´t work…

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