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Hello everyone,

for more than 2 years now, I struggle to find a working USB-Adapter for LAN-Internet on my FP3 and FP4.

There a quite a few threads here in the Forum, but some of them are closed and there are also new USB-Adaptors on the market. Since I finally found a solution for all my needs. I want to share that with you. Maybe I can help some of you and save you some time.

Last year with the help of the posts here in the forum I found a USB-A Ethernet Adaptor that worked for both of my FPs ( i-tec U3METALGLAN ), but for using it on the FPs I had to use a USB-A to USB-C Adaptor in front of it. After a short time i had problemes with network interruptions. I bought new USB-A to USB-C adapters, but quickly the problems came back, I also had to unplug the adaptor and plug in again very often to reconnect the internet. That was frustrating and on top of it the bulky USB-A to C Adapter was annoying.

I decided to buy a new Ethernet-Adapter this time with build in USB-C
I tested some Adaptors and here is what I found out about the USB-C Ethernet-Adaptors:

Adapter ChipSet FP3 FP4 iPad (2020)
HP USB-C to RJ45 Adapter G2 ? no no yes
StarTech USB 3.2 Gen 1 RTL8153 yes no yes
DELOCK Gigabit LAN 61026 Realtek RTL8153B, VIA VL102 no yes yes
DELOCK Gigabit LAN 62642 ASIX AX88179 yes yes no
DELOCK Gigabit LAN 65904 Realtek RTL8153 yes yes yes


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To not duplicate topics I close here you might want to add your findings for FP4 here