USB connection with Mac not working

Hi there,

I’ve been using the FP2 for some time now yet I haven’t been able to connect it with my mac.
I tried several cables and the Andriod file transfer app but it just doesn’t see it. Could it be that I have a macbook pro with USB 2? (it does charge when I connect) Or something I need to do that I’m not aware of?

I’m using my FP2 with a MacBook Pro and the Android file transfer app and had no issues so far. Did you change the setting on the phone while connected? You can change it by sliding down the notification bar on the phone.

You have to change the USB mode. Do the following: When your phone is connected to your computer, swipe down the notification bar and of the left side you’ll find a notification to change USB options. Choose “MTP”. This will show your internal storage and your SD card on your computer.


Ahaaaa!!! Thank you thank you!!!
That was the missing link I needed :smiley:

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