USB connection to Mac doesn't work since last update

I have just started to have this problem - it’s only happened since the recent Fairphone update. I’ve installed an app called USB Driver and set it to ‘Debugging’ but even then it took about 30 attempts before it would work properly. Several times the DCIM window came up and I got as far as ‘Camera’ and then it would all disappear and my Mac would say it couldn’t find an Android device. Meanwhile the USB driver on the phone keeps saying ‘Review your external storage’. What?!!

Does the USB connection work with other computers? If not, I would suggest a semi-broken USB connector that needs to be resoldered. A #localrepairshop can do it for you.

I think you mean the USB socket of Fairphone 1, or is it possible to repair the socket of a bottom module for Fairphone 2, too?

Oh, this is the #fairphone-help category and not #fairphone2help. The post is in the wrong category then.

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Thanks for the replies - yes, mine is a Fairphone2 - sorry, I didn’t specify. I haven’t tried the cable on another computer recently - and I haven’t got access to another mac that I could try it on, but I can try it on a PC at work.

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