USB-C replacement needed

(usb cable bent photo.)
My cat accidentally knocked my phone off the stand and bent the USB-C pins while charging the device. I’m looking for a replacement ahead of time to have on hand in case this happens again. I’m worried about future damage and not being able to charge it. On the website. It costs €19.95 which is equivalent to $21.??. Is it possible to order the spare part on the website and get it delivered to the states, or do I have to go third party to do so. A little helpful knowledge would be nice to keep the phone in service for a long time. Thanks in advance by the way.

Try it out and I guess you will see you cant select US as shipping country.

Magnetic adapters … would have saved your port now, would save your port in the future.

In case a phone can’t charge a replaceable battery, there are universal external smartphone battery chargers … for the Fairphone 5 battery it seems not too easy to find a fitting one, though … External universal chargers for Fairphone batteries - #26 by urs_lesse

There are sellers who ship worldwide, Vireo for example … Fairphone 5 USB-C-Port Modul … or Clove, who don’t seem to list the part currently, but perhaps could be asked whether they plan to do so perhaps soon-ish …

I appreciate it. That info was useful. I got the phone off of Amazon US version. Is it possible to order the part by switching to the UK version of the site. I’ve indeed done that before ordering something necessary. Amazon shipped some stuff from Canada to the US. The only difference I had to pay via Amazon gift card credit. Would that be possible to do in this use case. Please respond. Thanks.

I wouldn’t know, sorry, I’m living in Europe.

Hello, I used Polish, UK, US and German Amazon websites, no issues with payments, cards or PayPal always accepted, but for some items international shipping to Poland was not possible. Plus I learnt my lesson to double check taxes and customs procedures.

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Could you possibly find a Amazon listing for the part. It’s easy to change locations. I just did it and it isn’t listed on the UK site. Possibly Spain or something else. I did however find a spare one for the FP4

I’m aware of us customs. Money didn’t matter as well. I’m familiar with anything related to exchange rates. I’m also aware that batteries are the only thing about the phone that would be blocked by customs for the fairphone due to fire concerns. Im sure a spare usb part will be fine. Right to repair is talking off here in the states. As long as this isn’t anything about these parsts that companies like Apple would block (ie. Apple logo). It should be fine to order. This isn’t my first rodeo ordering from overseas.

P. S. I’m ordering a USB-4 240W Type-C male to Type-C female magnetic dongle adapter so I could continue using a super fast charge and transfer speeds of the same cable type. I kinda know that that being on the bleeding edge comes with some disadvantages. But I sure enjoy having a 100 percent charge in 45 minutes instead of 1hr 45min for usb 3 10GB 100W cable. They should be here in a few days.

Which device do you want to charge with that adapter?

Sorry. I meant by that I get better charging speeds with the new quick charge standard implemented with the new cables. Even if the phone has an outdated standard. You get improved charging times due to more watts being pushed the the cable at once. I’ve spacifically noticed a bout a hours difference from charging from about 20% to full. I did mention that the cables I purchased have downsides. Like not getting full transfer bandwidth with phones. I expect that these were made to plugged into SSDs or to be display cables for the full bandwidth. The adapter I mentioned was adding the magnetic Type-C and still use the cables I have. Thus making less E-waste. sorry for the confusion in the previous post. I just don’t like making snail mail by making posts long.

I do still not found a solution for the replacement part searching just Amazon. I’m charging the device with bent pins and I don’t know how long it will last before failure. I bought these in the hopes to try to make it last until a listing was found that delivers the part I need.

I don’t see the part on Amazon or eBay either.

You could still order from Vireo (see link above).
If you aren’t comfortable navigating their German website, you could just email them in English to see whether they can get the part to you.

This is the way.

I have a whole bunch of such adapters in use for almost any micro-USB or USB-C cable and device I have.
After outfitting everything I don’t have to worry about which plug the cables have, which port the devices have, about dirt in the ports and about mechanical strain on the ports. Pure bliss.
USB-OTG tends to not work this way, though.

Regarding magnetic adapters, just a note … Parts from different vendors tend to be not interchangeable (apart from the same parts just getting different random brand labels slapped on) and furthermore they might come in “generations” meaning the ones you got could go out of stock over (surprisingly short) time, so it might be worth thinking beforehand about the range of devices in your household you might want to use them on to outfit them with the same generation from the same vendor in one go, and a few spares don’t hurt too much either.

It’s not possible to add higher charging standards to a device, with a cable, It just doesn’t ask for more Watts or Amperes, even if the cable or charger can deliver more.


I’m talking about the chip in the cable. There is a way to push more data through the same cable as well. It basically adds a extra lane with these cables. So 100w x 2 equals a total of 200w with the extra lane. Witch equals faster charging and faster transfer speeds. You may not believe it until you try it. There is another factor to consider is how much the battery can take at once. Linus tech tips covered usb 4 240w cables in a tech quickie video. Basically it says pushing 240w through a 5A circuit is how it is achieved. Hope this gives you a little more knowledge for the future.

Sorry, but that’s just impossible. The interface of the phone is the limit, you can‘t change that with a cable. And I have knowledge about that, thank you,.


Agree to disagree. When my phone gets to 20% I’ll plug it in and show the charge time In a screenshot. It will say full charge in 45min. But it will say an 1hr and 45min. When plugged into the other cable mentioned. Maybe a little proof would convince you.

Slower than the maximum charging speed provided is possible, of course, but not faster than max.

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From almost dead to charge these two screenshots clearly prove without a doubt that there is indeed an hours difference between cables. I’m sorry if this doesn’t prove my point by now.

Nobody here doubts that one cable can make a difference compared with another cable by getting nearer to the max charging specs of the phone.
But you were saying …

… and this is technically impossible.
Either a phone will have a charging standard built-in or not, no cable is able to bring about improvements using a charging standard which the phone doesn’t have built-in.

You are getting better charging speeds simply by the cable and phone working better together within the specs of the phone. Quality cables tend to help with this, of course, see here for some Fairphone 3 examples … Charging speed problems? Use USB-IF certified cables!

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It was this sentence, I was reacting to. You can‘t overrule the standards the phone does support with a ‚better‘ cable.
And I said also, that a cable can influence the charging speed, but only to slower than the device supports, never faster.
With the original charger, the FP5 can charge from 0 to 50% in 20 minutes, so the times you are showing are not very impressive :wink:


The photo appears to show a bent USB plug. Replacement USB leads must be available in the states whithout having to order them from overseas? They are not proprietry and any reasonable quality lead with a compatable USB plug on the end shoud be OK.