USB c port burned

had a USB cable melt and burn my USB port. new one installed.


Do you know what caused the issue with the cable? I had two different USB C cables begin to smoke over the past year. That was pretty scary actually, as one time I was just about to go to sleep. Threw both cables away immediately.

no, but my guess is a short inside the connector of the USBc 10g cable, after it had warmed up so much it started to melt the hotglue/plastic encansing, that had also gotten into the port on my phone. I bought a new batteri as well but I don’t think it needed it.

I think those data cables just get to hot when used for charging. but I don’t know for sure, gets warm.

Certainly not nice, that!

Do you know if that was a cheap no-name cable or something that should have been quality?
The contacts in those connectors are certainly very close together. So quality issues in manufacturing could cause a short, I imagine. Also, not all manufacturers might take the power rating too seriously and cheat on marking the cable for higher current. This could lead the the cable just being used over its actual design capacity and get far too hot.

In my case one of the cables that started smoking was sold (and I think manufactured) by the german hardware store ‘Bauhaus’. It was one of those cables with fabric coating. They sell these as charging cables near the batteries next to the cashdesk. But it’s been some time since I purchased that one.

The other one I do not know too many specifics about. I do not keep track of every one of my USB C cable’s life story. ^^

Let me just say that I don’t consider stuff sold under the “Bauhaus” label as brand products. :see_no_evil:


A FP3 example…

Btw which FP do you use?


In my case it’s an FP4. OP also has 4 written in their profile, so assume that’s their model as well.

I dont like to assume when adding tags, so thats why I’m asking :wink:



that was mine, don’t remember where I bought it, might have been class ohlson here in sweden. I tried to open it to look at the leads, but didn’t work.


Bauhaus includes some very cheap brands in their assortment (stuff that’s next to useless – looking at you, G*O* here!). What they re-sell under their own label may or may not be in the same class. Maybe there’s a hint of the original manufacturer on the package, or the fine print in the instructions leaflet, to know for sure?

((I found keeping Sturgeon’s law (actually, ‘Sturgeon’s revelation’) in mind when buying stuff to be very helpful to cope with the low quality in mass product is in almost every industry. Disappointment prevention, you know.))

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There is a spread of quality in USB-C cables.
I tend to find the cables that come with Samsung phones are adequate but not great.
The cables you pick up in your supermarket aren’t likely to be good quality due to the low price.

Through a process of elimination I have found that USB-C cables by JSAUX are pretty good. Their cables are labelled with their power rating. I’ve got one for my phone charging and another rated at 60W for my Steam Deck power bank.