USB-C audio output


i already talked about it a different topics. but not in English.

e excited this question was already asked before but i could not find a topic about it.

its about the USB-C conection used as a audio output or audio jack (AUX) of headphone conection.

i have seen and heard the irritated voice’s about the disappearing of the 3.5mm audio output on phones past years. but yas my current phone was working fine and still have one so nothing to worry about for my.

wal that day come that i had to worry about it because this phone started to fall apart and reaper failed.

the new one was chosen the Fairphone 5.
knowing it was lagging a 3.5mm jack conection.
I thought the other plug wouldn’t make a difference.

Now I have learned that it is not just the plug, but also a whole new digital communication protocol.

and only finding people calling out that removing the 3.5mm plug is incredible stupid choice… …i didn’t found any how is actually telling way. so i as thinking yust people ho don’t like change.
its only very wasteful in my opinion, du to that almost everyone have a good working 3.5mm accessories already at home or maybe even in there pocket.

and that will be trace now if everything go to USB-C

but it doesn’t… now owning a USB-c only phone i found shops ar not selling USB-C audio cabels or headphones.
only having the old 3.5mm available.

finely i found one how did sell one.

furst experience. it was terrible. yes really terrible.
not only the building quality. and that they don’t fit in my ear sound quality incredible phore.

knowing the 3.5mm ones i use the most now are the cheapest i could find and work perfect and fit perfect and are way better buld quality than you will expect is possible for that price. sounds quality good as well.

wel oke accept the mistake and try again. found a different one 5 tims the price as that other one.

fits well good buld quality, but the sound… …it stuttering and lots of background nice… how difficult can it be.

so i did had a inporteerd test left. maybe the Fairphone 5 was giving the problem.

so collect my olde phone. and it was even waking up agai. this one do have a 3.5mm and a usb-c and it dit except the USB-C headphones as well. and exactly the same problems so i know for sure. it wasn’t the Fairphone having a problem.

and after some advice on this form i bought again a new headphone this time the Samsung AKG only little bit more expensive as the last one, no big difference.

but same problems sond was strutting and background nice.

final try the office Fairphone adapter.
wel this one is not stuttering. but is making a hell of a lot strange background noicees. like its sparking…
I didn’t notice that furst use. but a constant nice was there from the beginning.

wat is this problem. is there a way solving this?

now i see more en more phone makers are bringing back the 3.5mm plugs like Nokia.
so I can’t be the only one not figuring out wat is going wrong…

Does the app you use for music has an equalizer?

@T4om I only partially followed the discussion but let me share my experience

when getting FP5 I decided to switch to bluetooth headset and I found it suiting my needs perfectly.
But as I had some wired headphones lying around, I have also purchased FP5 adapter. Never considered getting wired USB-C headphones.

With an adapter my old wired headphones also work perfectly, I can listen to music or make phone calls, even though I rarely use them these days. When prompted, I checked for some other apps, and the only app that was then giving me issues was MS teams, but I have not tried it since.

Summing up, for me it was only a question of minor inconvenience of using a dongle, but nowadays I mainly use bluetooth.

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tanks for your reply.

yes it does, its currently switched of.

i did try multiple apps.

i didn’t notice differences between them.

thank you for sharing.
helps a lot to know experience of other users.

on what volume settingen do you mostly prefer?

i normally use 1 unit 3, i was thinkingnit will be lower than most user’s?

i was thinking it has something to do with that.

but can be wrong.

Not sure if that matters and whether I can give any numbers to my volume settings

As I was now checking the wired headphones, I feel perhaps the quality is slightly lower but I am not really the best judge of music tbh

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Thank you Meaghan.

yes looks like it does not matter. but now i know so thanks.

this topic is similar.

something else in the same direction. looks like the FP5 is not recognizing the headphone probably.
i used to get a warning on the screen with other phones that the headset is connected. and getting the headphone simbol on top of the screen next to the network simbol. it will tell if ter is a microfoon connected as well, to different simbols. my Nokia with simbian os doos it als wel same simbols as android (simbian os, the never finished predecessor of android)

do you have this simbols on your phone or FP5?