Low mic sound level with USB-C > Jack adapter


I have already opened a support request for this but I would like to know whether I am the only one experiencing this ?
I tried to use my plantronics headset with the Fairphone USB-C > Jack adapter but the mic sound level is too low to be used. I tried it with sound recorder and while calling… I can barely be heard.
I tried the same headset/adapter without any issue on my laptop.
I also use the headset everyday with laptops without any issue.

Does anyone face the same issue ?


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After discussing with support, they sent me a new USB-C > Jack adapter because they believed this was the cause. However, the same issue is still there.
I tested different headsets with the two USB-C adapters I now have and I still face the same issue with FP5. I can hear correctly (no issue) but the headset microphone sound level is VERY low and I cannot be heard. How could I troubleshoot this, please ? This prevents me from using my professional devices for communication…
Does anyone experience the same issue ?

Also (different issue), when plugging my FP5 to a jack to RCA cable (through USB-C > Jack adapter), often, the phone will not send sound to the external speakers but to the FP5 (internal) ones instead. I happens very often and I do not know how to make it work when it happens (plugging/unplugging USB-C adapter rarely fix the issue).


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Hi AlexFr. I also got the USB-C to mini jack adapter, and I have the same two issues as you.

I’m using the USB-C to mini-jack adapter supplied by Fairphone, shipped on 25 October 2023. Some observations below.

Any help from the Fairphone experts would be much appreciated!

Problem 1: Very low headset microphone level.
The headset is a set of Sony wired earbuds with mic and 3.5mm TRRS plug. On phone calls, I can hear the other person but they cannot hear me (or only very faintly). The headset does not have this problem when used with other phones or laptops. The other person hears me fine.

Problem: Phone not sending sound to external speakers
I have two external speaker systems, one in my car and one at home. This problem occurs with the car system, but not the home system. Both speaker systems use a 3.5mm TRS plug.
When I first plug in the USB-C adapter (with no speakers connected), the FP5 shows the notification “Charging connected device via USB.
Then if plug in the working (home) speakers, this notification disappears and the audio is routed through the external speakers.
But if I plug in the problematic (car) speakers, the notification remains, and the audio output is through the built-in FP5 speakers.
The car speakers work fine with my other devices.

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Hi @DaveMc,

Had you been able to test with a different USB-C > Jack adapter maybe ? I am thinking about trying to buy another adapter but I will probably get the same issue… and I will waste money and buy useless stuff…

About the second issue (not sending sound to external speakers), it also occurs with my car (FP5 > USB-C > Jack to RCA cable > Car).

I will ask support again and will mention I am not alone anymore :slight_smile:

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I haven’t tested with a different adapter yet; I would feel the same about buying another one :sweat_smile: But also glad to know I’m not alone!
There was another post about the low mic volume issue (in Dutch language: here) , so now there are 3 of us :slight_smile:

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Hi guys,
I tried my FairPhone5 with headphones I got.
I expect you are using something better than I have, but I was quite currious how will this works in my case.
So, I took my 3.5 Jack wire headphones, the small ones, I think correct name is ear buds, but with microphone, I have from my old Nokia.
I am using for 3.5 jack USB-C adapter:

I made a phone call (regular phone call, not through internet or whatsup or teams or what ever similar). Other side can hear me absolutely fine, without any issue.
For listening of MP3, video, YouTube…all fine, loudness same as was with my old Nokia 3.1

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Hi @DanielCZE,

Thanks for this information.
What is the brand/model of your adapter, please ? I would like to check specs/price…


Hi AlexFR,
I bought it in our big chain electro store, Electro world.
Price was something around 11 euros. Brand is Winner

It is czech language…even page is set in english

Here are more pictures:


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good to know I’m not alone.

i did buy the Fairphone adapter recently to check if that one works, it don’t.

already bought multiple USB-c Headphones. now starting to return them one by one.

non of them work for me.

the sound is stuttering on low volume.

and lots of sissing and grinding noise wat not supported to be part of the music.

something i noticed. each headphone have a little different problem and is consistent on that bit.

so the the different one’s. i think its something to do with the DAB inside the usb-c conectors.

i didn’t use the microphone so far so don’t know about that bit…

it’s really enjoying for my, maybe i will send my phone back and buy a other one how still have the 3.5mm jack.



Another one !

Same problem here. I even bought a new headset because I thought the old one would be the problem.

Has anybody found a solution?

I’m having trouble with the speaker volume when using the adapter. Even when turned up to the max the volume is still so low that it’s essentially unusable…

Welcome to the Fairphone community.

Can you please tell which phone, adapter and speakers you are using and which software?

Hi, I am now using a Jabra USB - C headset and this is working properly. Difficult to understand, that Fairphone ships such a poor quality item. In general I miss the 3.5 mm socket. BR, Ernst

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I finally found a working combination. This adapter made it possible for me to use a headset with a micro:

While the adapter is plugged in, there is a message shown on the fairphone, that the accessory part is being charged by the phone. Maybe the adapter needs to be an active one in order for the mic to have enough signal strength? In my understanding the fairphone adapter is passive.

Hello everyone,

I want to add to this topic, as I experience the same.
Hardware: FP5 with apple usb to 3,5 Jack
Issues: Low volume; microphone recording very quiet

After some research it appears that the problem lays in the control of the audio pipline of android. Somehow the android cant control volume level properly over USB, meaning the volume level is higher in software as it actually is recived by the audio monitors (headphones). A workaround is using an audio player app that uses its own media pipline instead of androids one. “USB-Audioplayer PRO” (8,49€) is said app wich has to be purchased but it seems it corrects the usb audio level system wide.

So it semms ther is no general soloution right now. But it seems when a non native USB media pipeline is used, you can work around the problem and unlock full power output therefore higher Volume levels over USB.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/inearfidelity/comments/x7zr1n/need_help_with_low_volume_android/