Upgrading the FP3 camera for people with low vision

Does anyone with vision loss have experiences with upgrading the FP3 camera by themselves? How was the process for you?

I’d appreciate all inputs.
Thank you!

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Not me but I wonder if you mean you have problems with the physical aspect of removing and replacing modules, and I would hope you have someone that could do that for you.

Saying that I’m not sure the camera upgrade is that significant. The touted 48Mpx is actually 4 x 12Mpx which allows for improved software processing of the raw data, you do not get a 48Mpx output.

You must also ensure you have Android 10 upgrade to the default older Android 9 supplied with earlier FP3s

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I would expect process to be most frustrating if visually impaired, as with the two modules that I upgraded getting the connector seated was very fiddly. Since it is such a tight fit for space you don’t experience the usual “positive snap” into place of such connectors.

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If you happen to have fairphoneangels (<- see link for info) in your vicinity, perhaps you could ask for help with this.



Why do you want the new camera module?

If you want a better image quality I would rather advise you to change your camera app to a gcam port instead of upgrading the module. I use this one:

There you can find other ports: Pixel camera app / Google Camera Port - #103 by lost_geographer

If you want a better video quality I would advise you to install Open Camera from the Play Store.

Additionally it is possible in both apps to disable/lessen the sharpening-effect which makes phone photos look so ugly.


Thank you all!! I appreciate all the replies.

I was just curious if anyone with vision loss tried replacing the camera before so that I know if I can recommend this option further.

Asking another person with full vision might be the easiest way to go in this case, as I learned.


I was a bit fiddly for myself without any visual impairment. I found the best approach was to place the module loosely in position (no screws in place), press the connector onto the module until it snapped in place then press the module into position (it does sort of snap into the case).

The screws are small, so a magnetic screwdriver is recommended.


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