Upgrading OS to get internet to bluetooth bridge

I heared that I could upgrade to a later version of android and that if I do i ight be able to bridge the internet connection to the bluetooth for my satnav. Where can I ger more information on this ?

I know some moderator will blast me as usual for this post but the last topic i opened has been locked down I suppose because it is deemed to be old and yes i have “searched”.

I found some links, the process looks very complicated.

Is this what you’re looking for?

Btw - aside from trash talking the moderators - there is nothing wrong with your post.

Yes I found this link eventually. It seems full of warnings and work arounds. How likely am I to brick my phone ? Unfortunately I have problems with my FP2 2 weeks before i need it for the very reason I did the upgrade: connecting my tomtom to get traffic information.

I don’t want to ruin the only phone I have left.

It’s not likely to get bricked, the only thing is that you’ll have to do a hard reset which means you have to set up the whole phone again. Also all data that is not backed up will be gone!

I had no problems whatsoever.

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