[UNOFFICIAL] Stock ROM Android 4.4.2/4.4.4 Kitkat for FP1 & FP1U

Just as usual. Download the latest version of the rom and the latest version of OpenGApps and flash both of them (first the rom, then GApps) from recovery (install zip or sideloading). I always clear the cache. Reboot. Done. (+optional: I have to reinstall Xposed and activate AdAway).

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So, now I installed it too on my FP1 :slightly_smiling:
Perfect, thank you!!!

What I did (I have an mac):

Install Homebrew:
Put in Termianl:
/usr/bin/ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)”

Install adb:
Put in Termianl:
brew install android-platform-tools

Enable USB-Debugging on the Phone.
Connect Phone to mac. (You have to choose USB-Storage, not charge only)
Copy recovery.img, fp1-kk444-CH-XXX.zip and open_gapps-arm-4.4-XXX.zip (downloaded from: http://forum.xda-developers.com/fairphone/orig-development/rom-fairphone-fp1-kitkat-4-4-2-t3243623) to the sdcard
Put in Termianl:
adb devices
dd if=/storage/sdcard1/recovery.img of=/dev/recovery
adb reboot recovery

Then I installed in the recovery from sdcard the fp1-kk444-CH-XXX.zip
Then I did a factory reset
Shutdown phone
Boot to recovery (Hold louder and power)
Then I installed in the recovery from sdcard the open_gapps-arm-4.4-XXX.zip
Install Xposed from here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=64063168&postcount=62

Install Xprivacy

Thank you again!

Will I lose my data?

Yes, because I did a factory reset.
Do not now if this is needed…
But with a Backup this was no problem for me…

Ah sorry,
In this case you will not lose any data.

I’ve just managed to install @chrmhoffmann’s Kitkat. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

  1. Complete Backup (Titanium Backup, Photos, CWM backup everything)
  2. Sideload fp1-kk444-CH-0.9.4.zip
  3. At the first boot, after 2 minutes this appeared:


Calling works, everything else too so far. I’ll be restoring apps one by one from my Titanium Backup (Davdroid sync works flawlessly).

I’ll report back, if I run into obstacles! :smiley:

Edit Day 1:

###Good Things

  • I did not loose my IMEIs! :smiley: (I was coming from stock FP1X (a beta release).)
  • @chrmhoffmann: KitKat/ your ROM has App Permission management? :smirk: Is it different from XPrivacy? Do I need XPrivacy in addition?
  • shutting down and booting up are incredibly fast (under 5 seconds) OK, after installation of XPosed from here and GravityBox [KK] boot up is as slow as ever…

###Bad Things

  • [cosmetic] When I connect the phone in MTP-mode to my Windows 7, it shows up as ahong89_wet_jb2.
  • [cosmetic] The SMS app is called “Benachrichtigungen” now (which means notifications) instead of SMS or “Nachrichten”.
  • [cosmetic] The big G/3G on top next to the connection quality indicators irritate me. I hope I can do away with this with GravityBox.

Yes, GravityBox has an option to hide the network type. Furthermore you can try the Xposed module Xstana. It allows you to change the style of the status bar icons.

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I’m also a blau.de customer (E-Plus) and installed your great ROM at version 0.9.4.
Unfortunately your fix do not work for me. It jumps everytime back to the roaming mode. At the APN settings the username and password was “eplus” instead of “blau”. I changed it but with no positive result … so GravityBox is my temporary fix.


Do you know if CM supports blau.de - with whatever phone?


Yeah CM supports definitely blau.de because I installed last week a CM ROM on a HTC Sensation XL with a blau.de SIM in it. Blau.de using since last year not only the E-Plus but also the O² network (because of the fusion to Telefónica). So the problem is that everytime my phone wants to connect to the O² network (262 07/08/11) it goes into the roaming mode. A solution is maybe to edit the spn-conf.xml and add the new IMSIs (262 03/05/07/08/11/77 --> source).

Are you using the first or second sim card?

I noticed that sometimes the 2nd one shows R (and after reboot it works
from time to time).


I don’t know what happened… I didn’t change anything and my phone started slowing down again and can’t connect to my wifi at home… these are symptoms that were corrected with the new ROM. I don’t get it…

I don’t really understand this bug report right now. Can you give us some details? What version of the Rom are you using? Do you see messages if you run adb logcat? What is using the phone’s resources during the “slow down”?

I don’t know if it’s considered a bug report… I had the exact same problems with the official ROM…

Sounds pretty important to me. Something is eating up all your cpu cycles and is killing your wifi? Sounds like a problem to me. But it could be anything, so that’s why I’m asking for a bit more info (logcat, top, etc.).

I just installed the latest version and checking everything again… I’ll let you know how that goes…

Okay! It often helps to track down a bug … so if you find the time, play around with logcat and adb shell, so you know how to use the tools if you need them! From how I understand/read you, it looks to me like the problem only occurs after using the device for sometime.

Hi @Stefan… [quote=“Stefan, post:214, topic:10788”]
Bad Things

[cosmetic] When I connect the phone in MTP-mode to my Windows 7, it shows up as ahong89_wet_jb2.
[/quote] … I had also the same issue but later, I installed Jurassic Android software in my PC / Laptop. Connect your FP to the PC enabling USB debugging on and MTP mode. when computer recognizes the FP you can run Jurassic Android software and click on dump. In this portion You will see dump file to be written / changed. You can change Phone model, Phone name etc. and then flash it. the phone restart automitically. I hope this will rename the FP. sorry for poor English and also sorry to @chrmhoffmann for changing his phone name

Heumm… I kind have a problem… I installed the latest version but SU disappeared! applications that already had su access are ok but the other ones ask me and I can’t press on “allow”. What did I do wrong? (and by the way it’s the same with my rooted FP2).

Did the su binary disappear or can’t you just press “allow”? Can you give an example what you were trying to achieve? What app? What function? FP1 and FP2 are very different software-wise, I don’t think there is a connection.