Upgrading LOS for microG to 15.1 (feedback/issues)

Any instruction on how to update from LineageOS for microG 14.1 to LineageOS for microG 15.1? According to their website:

it is not necessary to wipe your data, just upgrade your TWRP bootloader and flash manually the latest LineageOS for microG 15.1 zip

I downloaded the zip file but TWRP gives an error when installing:

checking for digest file…
Skipping digest check: no Digest file found
Warning: No file_context
E3004: This package is for device FP2; this device is .
Updater process ended with error: 7
Error instaling zip file '/sdcard/download/lineage 15.1-20180813-microg-FP2.zip’
updating partition details…

am I missing something? what is “upgrade your TWRP bootloader” meaning?

That only means “don’t forget to update TWRP to the latest version available”. Usually recoveries need to update some of their codebase to be compatible whenever a new Android version is available. TWRP is Oreo-ready for some time (except for the issue with encryption), but updating it to the latest 3.2.3-0 is not a bad idea, anyway: https://twrp.me/fairphone/fairphone2.html

TWRP is rejecting to update because it can’t read the device name for some unknown reason. This protection is there to avoid users flashing ROMs on non-compatible devices.


I just followed your advice @Roboe

  • update TWRP
  • Download the new zip
  • Install the zip from recovery.

As always, first boot is significantly longer. Just wait it out.
After entering my pin for phone and SIM, I got the “Android is starting” screen

and then the update was done.

All calendars, contacts and even my OpenVPN configuration are still there. No need to restore a backup. Pretty amazing work @chrmhoffmann. :clap:

Biggest change so far: DPI seems different and everything is a little bit smaller :slight_smile:


There should be some setting for that. Look for it in Settings → Display or Settings → Accessibility



  • Display (Wallpaper, sleep, font size)
    • Advanced
      • Font size
        • Small / Default / Large / Largest
      • Display size
        • Smallest / Smaller / Small / Default / Large / Larger

The battery status as a circle is gone :frowning:

That was what i was missing. It went smooth after that.

quite a big change in this update but it looks great!

Has anyone upgraded already with their device encrypted?

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Users have reported success. Even while TWRP cannot decrypt Oreo data encryption yet, it still is able when coming from Nougat encrypted.

(I can confirm all of the above in my experience, although I’m back in Nougat for other reasons)

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Thank you.

Which reasons?

Lineage OS 15.1 comes pre-odexed and for that reason I can’t patch it with Tingle to get microG working, :frowning:

So microG doesn’t and cannot work? I never needed Tingle on 14.1.

Then you used Lineage OS for microG or just installed UnifiedNlp with my installer. Either option don’t need the signature spoofing patch that Tingle provides.

Upgrading Lineage OS for microG works fine as reported by above users, :+1:

(If using my UnifiedNlp installer, note that I’ve updated it to work on Oreo, but I’ve not released a flashable ZIP yet because not all microG-related things are sufficiently tested, although UnifiedNlp things work just fine.)

Edit: oh, sorry, I though we were in the Upgrading from official 14.1 to 15.1 topic, :man_facepalming:

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The update went superquick. Like, 5 minutes or so and the device was booted.

The status icons are actually larger, yielding me two of these on the screen now. I swapped ‘flashlight’ with ‘airplane’ (I use a dedicated flashlight; less chance to damage the device).

There’s a caffeine timer you can add in the statusbar (???).

You can put the brightness lower than on Nougat and still read the screen very well because the grey and black don’t require much brightness. So I put my adaptive brightness a few nods down.

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My one was encrypted. Upgrade was without problems

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Since Lineage for microG comes with the official microG apps installed, which are not really maintained right now. (e.g. Apps complain about updating the Play Services)
I came across the NoGooLag-Installer from the telegram group --> https://t.me/NoGoolag
They are using a fork of the original microG repo, which is maintained atm and more up to date - so no more annoying messages to update gps :+1:


Do you have a non-Telegram source? I don’t use software with homebrew cryptography.

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Sorry no.
the downloadable packs on the github page are rather old.
I uploaded the 2 Editions: https://we.tl/gnWY1CwZwm

The things included in the Standard Edition zip are:
-MicroG (GMSCore, GSFProxy, Droidguard)
-Google Play store (modded by Setialpha)
-UNLP backends (Dejá vu, LocalGSM, LocalWiFi, Mozilla, Nominatim)
-FDroid with privileged extension
-Swype libs for AOSP keyboard
-Some Google DRM jars
-Google Sync adapters for KK to O
-Permission files for all of this
-An addon.d file to backup/restore everything on a rom flash

The things included in the NoGoolag Edition zip are:
-MicroG (GMSCore, GSFProxy, Droidguard)
-Aurora Store
-FDroid with privileged extension
-UNLP backends (Dejá vu, LocalGSM, LocalWiFi, Mozilla, Nominatim)
-Permission files for all of this
-An addon.d file to backup/restore everything on a rom flash

You can just delete any app in the zip you don’t want before flashing
And if you are dirty flash it - add the permission from the readme to the default-permission.xml, otherwise you might get some signature problems

This is not true (or at least an over-simplification). Let’s discuss that in other thread if you want, I just wanted to note it.

Standard Edition having non-free software jeopardizes the whole point of using microG. Anyway, at least they have a NoGoolag Edition…
BTW, their GitHub is here.

I’m personally quite reluctant to trust those (any) packages right away, though. If you do, be sure you know what you are doing!

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