Upgrading firmware under Lineage OS

Hi there.

I have been searching for an answer to that for some time, I feel like there should be some explanation somewhere…

I have managed around a month ago to install Lineage OS (17.1 if that matter) without trouble and finally lock the boot again, so the phone does not complain when booting and all is nice.

But then, a week again came the new Fairphone firmware update/upgrade call, telling me there is an update. I think you saw it.

Is there a way I upgrade the firmware without erasing my whole setup ? (Yeah, ok, I backup stuff, but installing again is like a full day’s job and quite never certain). I would be quite happy if it was only a matter of an hour or two without having to reinstall lineage, reset all apps, re-auth all banks accounts, etc…

If I don’t read this wrong, flashing the necessary partitions should be possible manually …

… and LineageOS should come with firmware updates included in the future …

Hi, the firmware partitions mentioned above are now included in LineageOS.



Does it mean I should just update Lineage OS itself to the very latest build for FP3 ?

Are you talking about a notification from an app for an “original” FP-OS update?
I don’t know why some LineageOS users get those notifications, I already saw some mentions here in this forum.
You can’t update from LOS to the original Fairphone OS, just ignore those messages :slight_smile:

EDIT: e.g. here: Official LineageOS 17.1 for Fairphone 3/Fairphone 3+ - #591 by The_Little_Death

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It’s not “original” FP-OS, as I installed LOS, so it might be the android base identifying that the “firmware”, “blobs” or whatever we might call them, ergo, Fairphone specific code, drivers, etc… have a new version from Fairphone.

It’s always better to be up-to-date with recent kernel, drivers, etc…

But the notification is for an original OS upate although you’re using LOS. This is is what I dont’t get ^___^
You can receive this notification even if the update does not contain any new firmware blobs and only regular OS updates…

yep, but as @dk1978 mentioned above, those firmware blobs are included in LineageOS. If you use LOS4microG, you might have to manually install those firmware blobs, though.

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