Official LineageOS 17.1 for Fairphone 3/Fairphone 3+

I just updated via the OTA Updater App to 20210329, with a locked bootloader. If this version already has the separate modem and dsp partitions, I can confirm the update worked :slight_smile:
Dont’t know how to check this, I did see a block device mounted as /vendor/dsp in adb.

Maybe I have missed something, but is there a more up to date version of ✏ [ALPHA] FP3/FP3+: Complete guide for installing LineageOS?

Hey @86ul I’d go with this part of the first post:

Or as a shortcut: Redirecting…


Is there any way to check whether an image contains those partitions or not?
I am using Lineage4microG and build the ROM by myself using their Docker ci/cd image and I am not sure if they adapt this change “automatically”.

Thanks again for all the efforts you are putting into this :slight_smile:

Yes, essentially by unzipping the OTA .zip file and running a tool such as the LineageOS payload extractor on it. See the section mentioning under Extracting proprietary blobs from LineageOS zip files | LineageOS Wiki.

No, I do not expect them to be able to do that - not without special effort on their part. The firmware partition images I described in the post above live in a private LineageOS repository that the MicroG people cannot access. To do things right, they would have to get the partition images themselves, from LOS or stock, and include them in their docker image build process.

Your options are:

  • Build the MicroG-patched image yourself, and use that. You can update the partition images from a stock Fairphone OTA manually. Requires unlocked bootloader.
  • Get in touch with MicroG and tell them you want the extra “radio” partitions as part of their downloads. They might have more ideas on how to get that done.
  • Migrate from the latest Fairphone release to Lineage4microG - thus you will already be using the latest partition images.
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Sorry, no, the inclusion of firmware partitions is still under review by the LineageOS directors. The latest feedback was that they want us to include a longer list of partitions, not just those I listed in the post above. If this passes review, we will then ship

aboot.img cmnlib64.img cmnlib.img devcfg.img dsp.img keymaster.img lksecapp.img mdtp.img modem.img rpm.img sbl1.img tz.img

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Is there a fourth option? Switch from LOS4microG to your version and renounce microG?

Anyone has any idea regarding my bootloop problem (after reboot, system starts checking the 128G external card, and runs in a timeout, and the system server gets restarted (LOS animation again), and the sd card gets checked, and on and on and on)?
Is there any way to set another timing value for the watchdog?

04-05 14:27:30.707  4327  4380 W Watchdog: *** WATCHDOG KILLING SYSTEM PROCESS: Blocked in monitor on foreground thread (android.fg), Blocked in handler on display thread (android.display)^M
-------- beginning of crash^M
04-05 14:27:31.231  4756  5926 E AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: pool-1-thread-1^M
04-05 14:27:31.231  4756  5926 E AndroidRuntime: Process:, PID: 4756^M
04-05 14:27:31.231  4756  5926 E AndroidRuntime: DeadSystemException: The system died; earlier logs will point to the root cause^M
04-05 14:27:31.231  4756  6447 E AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: pool-1-thread-2^M
04-05 14:27:31.231  4756  6447 E AndroidRuntime: Process:, PID: 4756^M
04-05 14:27:31.231  4756  6447 E AndroidRuntime: DeadSystemException: The system died; earlier logs will point to the root cause^M

I’ve got two issues with the latest “official” LOS from Micro G:

  1. When I switch on “do not disturb” the sounds from “whatsapp” are still coming through. Checked all the DND options, couldn’t find a a way to turn them off.
  2. Using Fennec browser: The app “closes” / crashes randomly every 5 to 50 min. How can I find out if it’s a problem regarding LOS or the app itself?

This seems to be a bug in Android: Major flaw in the Do Not Disturb feature - Google Pixel Community

If I understood the response in that article it might be an option to disable the “repeat caller” option of DND.

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Can anyone explain to me how exactly the following gerrit page can be interpreted?"FP3-eleven-bringup"+(status:open%20OR%20status:merged)

If I get it right, those are commits that enable LOS 18 Builds for the FP3. Right now they do not belong to any branch and in the review system they do not have a status or an asignee.

I am just interested in how the process works, where those commits come from and want to know if I understand things right :slight_smile:

Yes, those are the 18.1 commits. They are meant to be merged/rebased onto the 18.1 branch device branch which is currently a few commits behind 17.1 since I am still fixing things for the current 17.1 release. The status is open - and I am the reviewer and have control over if and when they are merged.


Updated to lineage-17.1-20210405-nightly, no problems so far.

I checked the changelog and nothing seem to stand out, if I’m correct.

After the last 2 OTA updates I’ve encountered certificate issues and I’m not certain what might be causing the problem or how to diagnose it. My browser (Lightning) warns me of untrusted certificates and the DBNavigator (german train services) refuses to process a booking with an error message that “… no valid certificate was found on the device to establish a secure connection…”. I have absolutely no experience with debugging android, but I saw some CA- and KeyChainService-related errors using logcat that might be related to this?

8297   │ 04-08 14:51:35.670 18652 18720 I cr_X509Util: Failed to validate the certificate chain, error: Trust anchor for certification path not found.
8298   │ 04-08 14:51:35.674 18652 18722 E chromium: [] handshake failed; returned -1, SSL error code 1, net_error -202
8299   │ 04-08 14:51:36.611  7318  7318 V b       : is Ticking: 76552 millis remaining.
8300   │ 04-08 14:51:36.612  7318  7318 V j       : updateNotificationProgress
8301   │ 04-08 14:51:36.612  7318  7318 V j       : createNotification
8302   │ 04-08 14:51:36.698  2303  2865 D QCNEJ/WlanStaInfoRelay: Received action:
8303   │ 04-08 14:51:37.613  7318  7318 V b       : is Ticking: 75550 millis remaining.
8304   │ 04-08 14:51:37.614  7318  7318 V j       : updateNotificationProgress
8305   │ 04-08 14:51:37.614  7318  7318 V j       : createNotification
8677   │ 04-08 14:52:00.658  1205  3122 W ActivityManager: Unable to start service Intent { } U=10: not found
8678   │ 04-08 14:52:00.660  1984 18445 I SecurityController: failed to get CA certs
8679   │ 04-08 14:52:00.660  1984 18445 I SecurityController: java.lang.AssertionError: could not bind to KeyChainService
8680   │ 04-08 14:52:00.660  1984 18445 I SecurityController:    at

I’m not really sure what I should look for to get to the root of this. Any help or tips would be appreciated! I’m using the most recent LOS17.1 +micro-g + Magisk + EdXposed for FakeGApps. I guess any of these might be the problem.

Since I got my Fairphone 2 weeks ago I struggle with very poor video during videocalls on WhatsApp and Signal. This was one of the reasons I switched to LineageOS but also on this ROM the problems are there.
On Whatsapp the receiver and myself see a very poor image, the skin quality is very bad and the image is pixelated.

On Signal the picture is even worse for the receiver. The pixels seem to swirl around on clothing. Also very pixelated picture. The weird thing is that I see myself clearly without distortion during the video call.

On Google Duo there are no problems however. Picture quality is clear for me and the receiver.

I am on Lineage-17.1-20210405-nightly.
Apps versions are:
Signal 5.5.5
Google Duo 131.0.363693714.DR121_RC01

I tested on WiFi and Mobile data, there are no differences in quality. Speedtest results are:
4G 67,9 Mbps down and 21,2 Mbps up with a ping of 22ms.
Wifi 187 MBps down and 132 Mbps up with 9 ms ping.

Are there other people with the same issues?

Presumably you mean my Fairphone 3 two weeks ago

I had no such problem with FOS. If you had the issue with the default OS it would have been prudent to contact support with your concerns especially in the first 14 days as you could have asked for a refund or a replacement.

You problem sounds a bit off as there are quite a few complaints about audio volume but not video.

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Not that I know of at least. Is the quality of normal video captures using a camera app ok? That would probably rule out a simple hardware issue with the cameras themselves. Did you have a look at adb logcat output, or maybe adb shell top to examine the system load with and without a video call?

About the video and selfie camera quality: I come from a Samsung A50 and there is a clear difference in quality, the Samsung makes better selfies and videos. I’m not sure if what I’m seeing is normal, so here a selfie and a video of my dog :slight_smile:

Picture of my Kooikerdog


(I made these with the selfie camera on the latest stock rom)

The video calls are very poor in quality compare to the picture and video.

I didn’t knew these commands. However I saw a noticable delay in the videocalls, now you mentioned it. I will have a look at your suggestions when I can do that. (have to flash the rom again.


Hi all,
I am using LineageOs MicroG, the latest available version.
When I use the Signal app, I am not able to share my position. It opens up the menu and the location, but it never sends the position.
Do you have similar issues?


Hi @in-go,
are notifications waking up the display again using the current LOSmicrog version or is it still broken?