Upgrade from Samsung S5 to Fairphone 2

Hi all, I’ve had my Samsung S5 mini for 2 years and it’s gradually become slower and more buggy so that it’s now really frustrating to use. I’m interested in the ethics of the Fairphone but, for >£400, I also want the performance of a more well-known brand. I’m hesitating to buy it because users on this forum seem so frustrated with the slow start-up time, dodgy touchscreen and poor camera quality, but I’m also aware that people are more likely to post problems on a forum than praise.
I suppose my main question is: is this phone “good… for a young, ethical startup”, or is it just good full stop? Users who migrated from other handsets (particularly Samsungs, as that’s what I’ve tended to own), did you notice a big drop in quality / functionality when you moved over to FP2?
My second question is: are the modular components there primarily in case yours get broken, so that you can replace them with a new component of the same specs as the original, or are they also there for upgrade purposes? I’ve read that it would be theoretically possible to upgrade the screen, for example, but has FP ever actually released an upgraded (as in, improved) component? I’d be more willing to take the plunge if I knew there was a really good chance that the company would address the known issues and release improvements periodically.
Final question: is there somewhere I can see some samples of photos taken with this phone, preferably with comparisons to photos taken with other phones? I’m wondering whether the difference in quality is significant enough for the casual photographer to notice, or if it would only matter to people who were really interested in photography.
Thanks so much in advance for your responses :smile: This forum has been really helpful for me already - I’ve tried not to repeat questions that are already on here, but I’m still getting used to the forum layout so apologies if these have been answered elsewhere.

I had a Sony Xperia Z1 Compact before my Fairphone 2, and I didn’t notice any disadvantages yet (I got it for 8 months now). The main function of the modularity is to repair broken parts, but as far as I know there are some rumors that threre might be a better camera in the future. Speaking of the camera, you can see some pictures taken with the Fairphone 2 in the gallery (here: FP2 - Pictures Gallery)

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I never had any major issues except one, which was my own fault. And thanks to the Forum, I was able to solve it very quickly :slight_smile:


The fairest phone ist the one you already have, so as long as your S5 mini is not physically broken I would keep it. The FP2 would not be a major upgrade (in terms of performance and features). The Android version is the same.

If your S5 mini is becoming slower or behaving erratic I’d try a factory reset.


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