Updating LineageOS 18.1 (Unofficial) + microG

LineageOS 18.1 including microG is not available at the moment (cause there is no official LineageOS 18.1 for FP2 :wink:). But there is a way to enjoy LineageOS 18.1 + microG:

  1. Install unoffical LOS 18.1 according this thread: Lineage-18.1: Unofficial test build

  2. Install latest Magisk Framework from Github (Installation Guide).

  3. Enable Signature Spoofing and install microG according this Guide from XDA.

  4. Enjoy LineageOS 18.1 with working microG.

I tested several apps like Flinkster and for me it works quite well.


You should specify that this rom is not maintained. Not to mention the possible bugs that could remain, there will be no security patch. This rom should work well but IMHO you have to specify these points. :slightly_smiling_face:

There should be an official version soon, as we not have an official LoS 18.1 build for FP2 :slight_smile:. I’m waiting and want to upgrade ASAP…

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