Updating between LineageOS 15.1 loses all paired bluetooth devices

I’ve experienced this each time I’ve updated my LineageOS 15.1 + microG: after reboot, I no longer have any bluetooth device paired and I need to pair them again. Is this normal or is this a bug?

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Woa, each time? What a pity.
It’s preserving my four Bluetooth connections in my case.

It’s preserving them after every update? (My message may not have been clear. It’s preserving them between reboots, but not when I update the OS.)

Yes. In fact, 3 of my 4 Bluetooth devices were paired on Lineage OS 14.1, and another one was paired with the first official LOS+microG 15.1, IIRC. All of them have been kept paired fine with sucessive 15.1 updates.

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Same problem here, between updates I loose all BT devices.

I test connections with 2 different bluetooth devices after updates (LineageOS for microG), and until now they stay paired.
I only lost the pairing when wiping the phone and installing the OS from scratch.

I confirm exactly this behavior. It also happens to me regularly, with every LOS update (last with 15.1-20181008). In my case the list of bluetooth devices is still there, but they are no longer paired. I have to pair every bluetooth device again.

I experienced the same behavior (lost all pairings and the list of known bluetooth devices). Didn’t recognized, that this happend in combination with the LOS update. I will try again with the next update.

Hi, I have an even stranger behavior. Not only does my device lose the paired devices after each update, but also after each restart!
I didn’t wipe my phone when I updated to 15.1. Could that be the reason? Everything else works fine.

Update: With the latest build, my Bluetooth pairings were gone, too, after installing.

Can confirm this issue.

Interesting to note: During the first reboot after the update, the Bluetooth pairings are still here and working. Only after the 2nd reboot they disappeared and I have to re-pairing.

Just tested with 15.1-20181015.

I also found this: BUGBASH-926: Bluetooth paring won’t stay after reboot

It is true. Have the same problem after update.

I didn’t lose my paired BT devices with the 15.1-20181022 update!
The reboot in recovery also seems to work betterave.
Can anybody else confirm?

The bluetooth devices were there after the first reboot, but they disappeared after the next reboot unfortunately.

Rebooted 2 times and did not loose bluetooth. Reboot to recovery is unchanged, i.e. if you try to install update via installer, phone reboots without installation.

But if you boot to TWRP manually by pressing up-button it is not necessary to search the update file and update is installed immediately. This happens already since latest updates.

I’ve rebooted my phone several times since the update and it kept the BT pairing.
The phone rebooted automatically into recovery during update whereas before I had to manually force it.
These problems seem somewhat random…

In the meantime this happened to me 2 times without rebooting. The pairings were gone and I had to re-pair.

Is this a FP2 specific problem or a general LineageOS problem?

I don’t have any pairing problems with Bluetooth on LineageOS.

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