Updates FP2, 3 & 3+

Hello, I have just been in a discussion about FP2. Why are we unable to get updates?
I am now considering (with some resentment) buying FP3 or FP3+, but I would like to know how long updates are likely to be available for.
Also, it looks as if the main difference between 3 & 3+ is the camera. But I wonder if updates are likely to be available for longer on 3+?

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The current software on the FP2 is based on Android 7, this doesn’t get any security updates from Google anymore, because it’s outdated. There is an update to Android 9 in progress, but nobody knows at the moment, when exactly it will be released:
A german thread about the update:🇩🇪 Update-Status Android 9 für Fairphone 2?
or here you can join the beta program: Fairphone 2 Beta Program

Because FP3 and FP3+ use the same core module and the same software, I would guess, that they will have the same livespan softwarewise.


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Hey JackyB,
I have had the same problem with the lack of updates for the FairphoneOS. And I changed in December 2020 to LineageOS 17.1 based on Android 10 and I just use all the “nice to have” Android app’s further on. Twice a month ther is an update from LineageOS and still everything is working fine. I am not an IT-freak but i used LineageOS 17.1: LineageOS Downloads. All necessary information you can pick up here: Install LineageOS on FP2 | LineageOS Wiki and here Info about FP2 | LineageOS Wiki. After the switch to LineageOS it is like using a new phone :slight_smile: …If your FP2 is technical ok for you and you need no better quality for the camera, there is - in my opinion - no need to change to a new FP3 or FP3+ just change to a modern operating-system!
Good luck!!


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Thank you for this aleins & thankyou JackyB for raising this - I might just take the plunge & go for LineageOS … it seems quite a lot of FP users have opted for this.

Yes, I would advise you to switch the OS. I am on /e/, which is a more privacy-friendly fork of LOS, and I am really happy with it!
Cheers !


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