Update to Android 12 broke Switch App Button (Square)

Hi there,

since I did the system update to Android 12, there are several issues with my phone…

Despite the fact, that Android 12 ist incredibly ugly and the UI absolutely chaotic, it broke a lot of my settings. E.g. the text size is messed up and it randomly shows a Podcast Episode from Spotify I watched a few days ago on the Status Screen.

But the main problem is, that the Square Button stopped working. It is completely unresponsive and I can’t close running apps anymore.

Someone having the same issues and maybe having a solution?


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Do you mean the media section in the pull down menu? It indeed shows your recently played media and you can resume media there as well. Maybe you can share a screenshot? Then its more clear. But this sounds normal and was also like that in Android 11.

Maybe you can so share a screenshot about the text size and explain in more details what’s wrong?

I use gesture navigation instead of the persistent buttons, so can’t comment on the square buttons. But turning them on for a second didn’t show any bugs. Maybe you can create a screencast to show what’s wrong?

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Unfortunately doing screenshots does not work at the moment because the Home Button ist unresponsive and my Power Button is broken since a few month. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. As soon as the episode pops up again, I’ll I try later again.

With Android 11, I did not have the behavior of old episodes coming up.

Here a Screenshot.

Android 12 is released recently, so if you have this problem a few months something else might trigger it. Can you reproduce the problem? Does it happen in a certain app? Does it happen in safe mode?

Just to make sure, but that old episode, is that still the last episode you listened too? I too can maybe see the bedtime time routine sleep music from the Assistant the next day in that section. You can swipe to another media app in that dropdown menu. YouTube, VLC and Firefox can also use it for the last played media. Just to name a few. Any media app can do that.

So this seem to be normal since the update, as long as its the last thing you listended to in Spotify. I also have the feeling it changed since A11, i.e. before the update it did not stay there that long, however stbthe end I never paid real attention to it, so it might just be a wrong feeling.

Gibt es in FPOS
Kann man dort ausschalten.
Ich habe LOS als Grundlage. Kann sein das es das nur dort gibt.

Ja man kann den mini Medienplayer komplett ausschalten

As we are talking EN here in this topic: yes this setting exist,

This problem doesn’t seem to have been addressed much so far in this topic.

First, let’s clarify vocabulary. This helps when searching for similar cases in the forum and elsewhere, and also avoids misunderstandings.

Android 12 and preceding versions offer two types of system navigation, “Gesture navigation” and “3-button navigation”. You are currently using the latter.

The square button, on the right, is not called “Home”, it’s called “Switch apps”. When you tap it, normally you can scroll horizontally from app to app.
The round button, in the middle, is called “Home”. When you tap it, you will return to the home screen of your launcher.
The triangular button, on the left, is called “Go back”, it allows return to the previous screen when in an app.

You are confusing “buttons”. In the cited passage, Katzentier explains that the POWER (physical) button of the phone has been broken for some months. This obviously has nothing to do with A12.

@Katzentier I conclude that there are two things that need to be fixed on your phone.

  1. The broken power button needs to be fixed or life will become difficult. You need to #contactsupport about that.
  2. The “Switch apps” navigation button. This problem is presumably a software issue. It may be linked to an app that you’re using. For this, a few things you might try:
  • Shut down the phone completely. Then start it again. Once the home screen is shown, does the “Switch apps” button work ? If so, use it straight away to check (make a note of) which apps were running. One of them may be the cause of the problem. I recommend clearing apps that you’re no longer using and won’t be needing soon.
  • Try starting in Safe Mode #dic:safemode . Does the “Switch apps” button work?
  • You might try using “Gesture navigation” instead of “3-button navigation”.
    To change, go to Settings > System > Gestures > System navigation.
    Of course this would not be a solution, only a work-around.


rebooting fixed the Switch Apps (Square) Button Issue, thank you very much!
About the Power Button thing: yeah, it is annoying, but I somehow hoped to avoid to have to open a case. I will try a factory reset, if this doesn’t help, I will contact support.


I have the same problem with the switch app button. After restarting the phone, it works for a short time, but then it does not work again until the next restart.
Is the bug somehow known or being worked on? Before the update to Android 12, everything was fine and I have not installed any apps in that context since the update.

Hi ansgar and welcome to the community and the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

This topic documents the only cases I’m aware of. You should #contactsupport to tell them about this.

That goes for @Katzentier too of course, if the problem also persists.

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I have the same problem. Did you contact support an got any response?


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Thank you very much for the feedback.
I contacted the support yesterday evening and received an answer this afternoon. Currently, the error does not seem to be known, but I should now also try in safe mode or deactivate my 3rd party launcher to exclude other causes of error.


Thanks for the info. Did you check for an update of the launcher? Which launcher?

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For me, the Switch App Bug did not reoccur…


Yes, the last update of the AIO Launcher was on January 26. That is not far from each other, but I did not notice any problems in the time between the launcher and the Android update.

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For clarity, I have modified the title of this topic: “Switch app” substituted for erroneous “Home” button.

@ansgar You might contact AIO developers to see if others have experienced the problem.

You might also review the list of apps you currently use in case one of them might be contributing (combination of AIO launcher / A12 / some app).

Don’t forget to test in Safe mode and test deactivating the launcher.


Thank you, that makes sense.
I use a lot of apps that involve the UI. I’m trying my way through them, although the error is not directly reproducible. I haven’t had any problems in Safe Mode, but I also haven’t tested it for long.
I just contacted the AIO developers as well, via Telegram they seem to answer quickly most of the time. I will keep you up to date.

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Good info, Thank you!
I am using Nova Launcher and started now some research in this direction. Seems that there were already bugs reported regarding switch button and Android 12(e.g. https://www.reddit.com/r/NovaLauncher/comments/qm4qd5/app_switcher_button_stops_working/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 )
I will look further.

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