Update 19.08.1: Wrong MD5

Hello AnotherElk and LuBo, your replies have been deleted. Could you please send them again?

I’ve noted further issues, since the update failed and Fairphone remains on old version:

  1. Download and watching images no more possible in WhatsApp and Telegram
  2. Photos which are made with the camera cannot be stored locally

I’m really annoyed, what that interrupted update corrupted on the formerly well running Fairphone :frowning:

there was a mistake in my answer, because i had too much content im my head today. @AnotherElk elk said it to me and then we deleted our answers.

Thanks for your reply. Currently I’m backing up the FP2 to Google Drive, also WhatsApp.

Almost sounds as if internal storage is full (or a defective SD card if you’re using adopted storage) - an incomplete download due to insufficient space would also explain a wrong MD5.

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Hm, free storage internally is more than 20 GB and on SD card more than 7 GB.

Maybe the not correctly running update set your filesystem to read only.
I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to fix this. You can give it a try and investigate further in this direction.

I’m a bit surprised that the updater app cannot handle it properly.
I would expect it to first clear the temporary download folder from previous updates (with the -f [force] option prior to fetching the latest update (and MD5 file).
But maybe the filesystem was already corrupt before the update was initiated and now the effect turns out.
Anyway it could help to eject the sd card by software settings->storage&USB->eject sd card

Shutdown the phone remove the battery & sd card. Use a matching sd card reader (probably with an adaptor µSD Card->SD Card) and run a filesystem check on a Windows console if available (chkdsk [sd card drive letter:].
If there are errors reported use the /f option.
Reinsert the card & battery into the phone, startup. see if things are better.

I’m not quite sure how to check the internal filesystem as it should be unmounted for this.
I assume using the adb tools (linux tools) would do.

Which brings me to the idea to manually installing the update/OS or maybe more comprehensive explanation.

Hello Patrick1, many thanks for your hints.

I removed SD card via software, according to your instructions, first photos could be made and were visible in “Fotos” app, also images could be watched in WhatsApp and Telegram, but then, I don’t know either when or why, that was impossible. Also screenshot could be made 2x, then impossible. Strange.

I’m wondering also that my FP2 shows internal memory and sd card in app “Dateimanager+”, but at my wife’s weird FP2 it shows only sd card.

Corrupt FP2:

I’ve already updated my wife’s FP2 successfully to 19.08.1 manually via connected MacBook. Now I’ll try to get a SD card reader and check the card at my business Win10 PC.

I do not know anything about Android, sorry. Could you eventually give me some more hints where the data “updater MD5”, WhatsApp photos and movies, Telegram photos and movies, Camera photos are being stored? Are these data stored at the internal or sd card memory. Sorry in advance for this dummy question.

Good FP2:

I can answer a few of your questions.

WhatsApp data and media are stored on internal memory in a folder called WhatsApp.

Camera can be configured: you can choose internal or SD in the app.

Updater: md5 is just a checksum, which is used to verify that a downloaded file is not corrupt. It should be retrieved from the update server when you check for updates. It might be cached on the internal memory but should be deleted when you delete the app data. Why this goes wrong for you, I don’t know; I still suspect a problem with the actual downloaded update instead of a problem with some small checksum file but I can’t tell for sure what goes wrong here.

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I don’t know/use this file manager. It maybe could just be a different setting made as internal memory will always be available since it’s not detachable.

Btw. backup any data on it if possible, just in case.

Some locations I know, but not all. @AlbertJP also provided some folder locations.
If your phone has no root access you cannot access all folders or not alter the content.
The default folders are usually stored on internal storage, again - it is always available.
For taken pictures it’s “DCIM”. On FP2 it should then be (internal storage) /DCIM/Camera if not configured different by the user.

Telegram should be (internal storage) /Telegram/Telegram Audio; /Telegram Documents; /Telegram Images; /Telegram Video

(Assuming German language settings here)
If you go to “Einstellungen” -> “Speicher”, are both the internal storage and the SD card displayed there?
Is there free space on the internal storage? Just a blind guess, but I would have at least 1 GB available because updates can have several hundred MB.

If you go to “Einstellungen” -> “Apps” instead and tap on the “Fairphone Updater” app, you can see under “Speicher” whether it uses internal storage or external storage (= SD card). Works the same for other apps :slight_smile:

The Fairphone updater on my device uses internal storage and the files should be located in Android/data/com.fairphone.updater/files.

yes, below “Einstellungen” > “Speicher” both memories are displayed, internal 6.7 GB free space. If I navigate into internal memory, only apps, system and cache are displayed, On my good FP2 there exist much more directories, like photos and videos.

I guess that the internal memory is no more accessible correctly, because also with connected MacBook the app “Android File Transfer” just shows SD card, no internal memory (as possible with good FP2)

Also app “DateiManager” shows only SD card content, with removed SD card, internal memory show loading error.

I guess, the file system of the internal memory is corrupt :frowning:

While playing around with the corrupt FP2 a message has been show “change internal memory to internal” or “change from extern to internal memory” or so … don’t know how this could be done.

Does anybody know how to install android from scratch? This means, how to install android completely new on FP2. Is this possible at all?

There’s a guide for that:


Hi paulakreuzer, many thanks for your detailed instructions. Unfortunately I was not able to follow it, because I had insufficient permissions to process command calls in the terminal application. “sudo” didn’t work.

Finally I’ve made the corrupted FP2 running, a “factory reset” helped. Backup into the cloud and additional WhatsApp backup led to a successful restored FP2. BUT the sd-card remained corrupted and this issue is what I do not understand. Why? So, when FP2 was corrupted, I was able to access the sd-card, although it was shown as “internal memory”. Unfortunately I guessed it is ok, so I didn’t make a backup of it. This sd-card is inaccessible after factory restore, also via Win10 PC and connected directly via USB reader, so all of its data are lost :frowning:

So far, so good. Many thanks to all of you. My wife is happy, partly because of the lost photos on the sd-card, and her FP2 is working fine again.

Good luck to all of you.

I think SD cards are formatted with full-disk encryption by default with Android 6 / 7.
When you do a factory reset, it also removes the decryption key and the card becomes inaccessible.


Hi, random, many thanks for your hint. If the encryption key has been stored on the internal memory, then I’m with you. I’ve removed the sd-card before the factory reset.

Principally I’m wondering why the world-wide mostly used operating system is unknown to the most of the users. I will try to understand it better in future.

Have a nice day

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