Update 19.08.1: Wrong MD5

While playing around with the corrupt FP2 a message has been show “change internal memory to internal” or “change from extern to internal memory” or so … don’t know how this could be done.

Does anybody know how to install android from scratch? This means, how to install android completely new on FP2. Is this possible at all?

There’s a guide for that:


Hi paulakreuzer, many thanks for your detailed instructions. Unfortunately I was not able to follow it, because I had insufficient permissions to process command calls in the terminal application. “sudo” didn’t work.

Finally I’ve made the corrupted FP2 running, a “factory reset” helped. Backup into the cloud and additional WhatsApp backup led to a successful restored FP2. BUT the sd-card remained corrupted and this issue is what I do not understand. Why? So, when FP2 was corrupted, I was able to access the sd-card, although it was shown as “internal memory”. Unfortunately I guessed it is ok, so I didn’t make a backup of it. This sd-card is inaccessible after factory restore, also via Win10 PC and connected directly via USB reader, so all of its data are lost :frowning:

So far, so good. Many thanks to all of you. My wife is happy, partly because of the lost photos on the sd-card, and her FP2 is working fine again.

Good luck to all of you.

I think SD cards are formatted with full-disk encryption by default with Android 6 / 7.
When you do a factory reset, it also removes the decryption key and the card becomes inaccessible.


Hi, random, many thanks for your hint. If the encryption key has been stored on the internal memory, then I’m with you. I’ve removed the sd-card before the factory reset.

Principally I’m wondering why the world-wide mostly used operating system is unknown to the most of the users. I will try to understand it better in future.

Have a nice day

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