Upcycling Fairphone 2

Ok, the FP2 cannot cope with Android higher than 10, but it could be upcycled with Free SW. I think that it would be very nice that the FP 2 upcycling is a case for this initiative. Just throwing the idea: Upcycling Android - FSFE

Do you have a source for this statement? Fairphone has announced an update to Android 10 for next year, true, but that doesn’t mean that there is a limitation to this.
Nevertheless I agree that especially Non-Fairphones with only short software support can leverage custom ROMs to extend their lifetime while with Fairphone you already get as much as you can in terms of security updates.


Well, deduced from the fact that FP2 is not in the beta testing of Android 11, which is being done only for the FP3, AFAIK: Android 10 is coming to the six-year-old Fairphone 2 - The Verge

It’s not Google-certified, but there is a custom ROM that has already brought Android 11 to the FP2:


It’s logical that it isn’t in the testing program for Android 11 because they’re currently working on Android 10 and have not reached 11 (if they plan to do so). :wink:


I am using /e/ R, which is 11 :slight_smile:


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