Unstable Data Connection

I see very unstalbe data connection in the Orange Network in France. At first I have H+ with 3 bars - then I start a download - the bar goes to 2, then it chages to H then to EDGE and at the end I have no network - no bars, nothing. I don’t move arround.

After ending the data transfer - the networks comes up again and the same game is playing over and over.

Very strange.

Perhaps this site coverage Orange France can give you an idea how strong the signal is.

The map tells me that in this region 3G connections are available.

Good, how strong is the signal?

Phono App says: HSPA Moderate 11

Sorry, I meant what is 'Coverage Orange France telling you about the strength of the signal in your region.

As I said: The coverage map gives 3G connections in this region.

Have look at 3g not working
It’s very important to check the APN-settings.

Of course I checked it. As I wrote in the 1st message: At first connection is H+, then it goes back to H then to EDGE. So APN must be correct.

Sorry. Is there the possibility to check the performance of the network by putting your sim in another phone?

Not possible at all. BTW I had exatly the same problem last summer in Great Britain with Orange GB - very unstable data connection with my Fairphone…

Do you have the possibility to put another simcard in the first slot and your Orange simcard in the second slot to see what happens?

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Ok, good idea - will try asap.

@tin I have had a very similar issue with Three UK (also a Hutchison operated network). The issue is only occurs when signal is relatively low. Please see my post here. I eventually tried installing android 4.4.4 as described here and found that my network stability was a little better but still not great. I am beginning to lose hope that it can be solved.