Unreliable display, works well when rim case is removed

My FP2 display is becoming more and more unreliable. It is hard to keep it just working:

  • Quite often it turns off itself, even while tapping it.
  • Sometimes freezes.
  • Sometimes glitches.
  • When the display is off, usually I need to press the power button twice to turn it on, just one time will not do it.
  • Frequently I have to push the power button twice several times, because the display will stay on just for a second or two, not giving me time to tap the pin.

I am a patient user, but this behavior is getting slowly to my nerves.

This all looks related to hardware, not software:

  • Bending slightly the phone (I know, don’t do this) causes reactions in the display (e.g. more glitches).
  • Removing the blue case does nothing, the problems are the same, however… removing the black frame as well (and therefore removing the rim case completely) the display becomes stable and behaves as it is expected.

I have reviewed the case and I have cleaned the parts that are in contact. Everything looks good to me. Still, when assembling the case the display problems are back.

I haven’t been able to find similar reports in the forum. Sorry if I missed them.

Switch the plastic power buttion with the plastic camera button and see if this is helping.


@Lidwien Thank you, this is the kind of feedback that impresses me. OK, I just made this change, which makes sense if only as testing.

My very first impression is positive: the power button seems more responsive now. I’ll share the results after longer regular use.


… and I remain impressed. Swapping buttons is a good solution.

There is a small glitch now and then, but nothing bad. This phone is usable again.

Than you very much @Lidwien!

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