[UNOFFICIAL] Stock ROM Android 4.4.2/4.4.4 Kitkat for FP1 & FP1U

I´m glad to find this thread and the possibility update my Fairphone to Android 4.4.4…
Unfortunately I haven´t read the whole topic…my Fitbit Tracker doesn´t work (as someone of you describes). The only reason why I want to update my phone.
Is there someone, who find I way to fix this? (Tracker was identified in Bluetooth but cannot connected)


Hi Mooloo
I have a Garmin Vivoactive which uses Bluetooth LE and I cannot get it to connect reliably. I’m not sure whether the problem is in the Garmin or the phones Bluetooth stack. I suspect the former. I keep trying as new new versions appear.
This was originally the only reason I updated my phone, but I’m glad I did as, apart from the Bluetooth problem, I think it is great software.
I’m sorry I can’t give you better news.

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Hmm here we go again… phone’s very slow, Frozen game stops every time… I haven’t changed anything, so I don’t know what’s wrong…

How can you help?

I guess you will have to provide a bit more info. I assume the game is “Frozen Bubble”? Can you log into the phone while you play the the game and have a look at the log files? Can you find out what keeps the phone busy?

Frozen free fall :wink:

How do I log to see what’s keeping my phone busy?

@chrmhoffmann After my small report, I was wondering, if you can include a libart.so into your build. I’d like to find out, if using ART would speed up multitasking in comparison with Dalvik.

(The app switcher comes up slowish, after pressing the left hardware button (I changed the key layout, as described here.)

No seriously… how can I find out what’s keeping my phone very busy and hence slowing it down?

There is no guide for that yet, I’m sorry. Mostly it will help if you setup the phone so that you can access it using adb. With that you can run some commands on the phone (adb shell) to check how its resources are being used and also have a look at the logs (adb logcat). But so far nobody has written a guide for this yet. :frowning:

Alternatively, OSMonitor provides enough information to do some basic checks.

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There are also some logcat apps.

0.9.5 released.

Changelog fp1-kk444-CH-0.9.5 (you might want to check if there are new gapps here as you need to flash them again at same time: http://opengapps.org/):


Installed and tested by installing it through adb sideload fp1-kk444-CH-0.9.5.zip as described. Update worked well. Xposed reinstalled nicely through the updater again, microG still works as well.

Fixed links:
Android Security Updates from Google bulletin 1-MAR-2016

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Thanks for this rom.

Installed and tested 3 days ago. No problem and all my applications wok fine.

Thanks a lot for all the work!!!

Upgrade worked flawlessly :slight_smile: Thanks for all your work on this ROM


I also have installed 0.9.5 and it works good!

However, I think that the App-Switcher is much slower than with the official Fairphone OS. I searched a bit in the internet and found that it could be the Swap. The original Fairphone OS has no Swap but this rom has 500 MB Swap (You can see that with the app “OS Monitor”).

Is this true?
If yes: any idea how to disable the Swap?

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Dear all,

Did anybody succeed in using the Estimote BT LE beacons with the 4.4.4 ROM? I experience the same problems as with Fitbit activity tracker: the device is visible in the list of Bluetooth devices, but the app does not recognize/ find them.

Apart from connecting to Bluetooth LE devices, the ROM works very well for me. Unfortunately, the BT LE functionality is one of the main reasons for me to use Android 4.4.4.


Hi Michel

Sadly I think this is a problem with the BT LE stack in the ROM. I have experienced similar problems with my Garmin VivoActive which also uses BT LE to connect to the phone. Sometimes it will connect, but not reliably, and, if it does manage to connect, the connection gets dropped after only a few minutes, and automatic reconnections don’t work.

I’ve kept the ROM as the other stuff makes it very much worth having IMHO, and I can sync with my Garmin via a laptop rather than the phone.

Sorry I don’t have good news for you.


Yes, I also have the feeling that the “hardware” is somehow around, but that there is a problem with the software layer. According to the info I found, BT LE should work “somehow” with both phones. But maybe I’m reading it the wrong way. I’m sure there is a way to debug this somehow, if you have the right tools. I think MTK/Android is not using the standard stack anymore. So I guess all we can do is wait for the last MTK FP1 release from FP.

Hi all,
Just installed the ROM two days ago, thanks @chrmhoffmann.
Thanks @fp1_wo_sw_updates for the HOWTO. Eventually I can add a section on how to do it WITHOUT a working USB port (dead on my FP1), using adb over wi-fi.

Overall the ROM sounds good but I have two minor problems:
a) I use the two SIM cards (private/pro) and need to be able to send SMS with both of them. The stock messaging app before the 4.4.4 ROM was dealing it correctly asking with SIM card to use before sending an SMS. And I was using Textra, more fun, for my private SMS. Here comes my problem: the 4.4.4 ROM’s stock messaging app (1) needs to be the default messaging app exclusively, and (2) doesn’t bother with dual SIM. Any hint?
b) I was using Gmail with multiples accounts, among them my pro emails directly in gmail through the Google add-on “Exchange services”. It does not work anymore : (1) the 4.4.4 ROM comes with an older version of Exchanges services which is not detected by the current gmail version, (2) I can’t succeed to connect to my pro email account with a newer “Exchange services” add-on. I fixed the matter by installing the Outlook app, which works fine, but it was not (at all) my first intent! :wink:

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This would be cool, even for other purposes, as there are quite a few FP1s without working USB port.

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