Unlocking bootloader FP2

Good afternoon everyone,

I’m looking to install a custom OS (Ubuntu touch) on the Fairphone 2 (I will buy these second-hand).
As far as my knowledge goes, it is necessary to unlock the bootloader in order to install custom operating systems like ubuntu touch.
For the Fairphone 3, I found the following Self-help URL:

However, I cannot find something equal for the Fairphone 2.

Is someone able to help me out? Is there a page that I did not found? Or is the bootloader already unlocked (and if this is the case, is it safe?)?

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as far as i understand, the bootloader is already unlocked.
You can install ubuntu touch easily using the instructions given on the UBPorts website:


Thanks vthejay for your answer.
Did you install a custom OS on FP2 yourself, without unlocking the bootloader?

Would prefer to be sure before I buy them.

I can second @vthejay without reservations. I have installed Fairphone OS, Fairphone Open OS, LineageOS, /e/OS, Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish OS on an FP2 … all without ever having to think about unlocking the bootloader.

Just adding that @oli.sax is our friendly UB Ports expert here. :slight_smile:


In the past I have installed Fairphone OS, Fairphone Open OS, LineageOS, Ubuntu Touch (used it only for a day with Ubuntu Touch) and I am right now using Lineage OS with microG. :slight_smile:
Never had to worry about unlocking the bootloader.


Thanks a lot guys! Seems like I can buy them without worrying about this topic.

Have a nice day :wink:

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