Unknown graphic fault

Hey Fairphone community.
I try to ask my question in English either I’m German because I don’t know if I also could ask in German, because I’m not sure if here are a lot of people which talk german. Please don’t laugh about my bad english, I’m still going to school.
There is something unusual graphic on my home screen at the analogue clock widget. It looks like a square with a bit yellow and it covers the half of the clock. I don’t know if its possible to attach a photo for you? If I remove the widget the yellow-white-square-thing is away. But if I want to place it on the home screen again it appears again.
I don’t know what it is. Maybe someone experienced something like that and has a solution.
Thanks a lot

Hey @Lenja_Kinixx,
Unfortunately you can’t attach screenshots as a new member, but you can easily level up by posting in 5 topics and reading some posts on the forum.
You can also post in german. Non-English topic-titles should start with [DE], [FR], [IT], …
But your English is not so bad and with English you have better chances to get answers.

About your actual question unfortunately I can’t help you, I have never had a similar problem. And a screenshot would definitely help.

PS: You could e.g. introduce yourself in the welcome topic to get closer to leveling up. :smile:

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Hallo @Lenja_Kinixx,

du kannst hier problemlos auch in deutsch fragen, es gibt genug Leute hier die auch deutsch sprechen. Englisch ist natürlich praktischer damit auch andere die ein ähnliches Problem haben, die Lösung finden können.

Ich denke auch ein Screenshot würde helfen. Solange du hier noch keine hochladen kannst, kannst du einen Service wir imgur.com benutzen und den Link hier posten.

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