Unknown caller with Three UK

The caller ID problem has been about for over a year at this point I reported it in July/Aug 2020, the same problem you have happens on the Three network in the UK, very frustrating issue. My phone would also randomly reboot, when Enhanced LTE mode was enabled and I made a phone call a duration of ~20mins would trigger a reset.

But these problems were solved as far as I know, only with the german branch of Vodafone it reoccurred with the last update.


No its still suffering this problem for the Three network in the UK, I test it after each software update, which why I’m still complaining about it

It got very quiet here about that, so I was guessing it was solved. Before the last update I didn’t hear a single complain.
Is the Fairphone support team aware of that? Or just the forum?


Ah! 3 in the UK

This was all about Vodafone in Germany

Did you contact Fairphone support with your issue, as they may have not know there was one with 3 in the UK.

The updates are send via each carrier and unless there is feedback Fairphone have no idea if the updates work on every network and carrier.

I complained via support each time, a long with a few of other little annoyances.

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Thank you for the clarification.

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So how many times did you contact support and what responses did you get?

If you have support ticket numbers from the responses you may be able to elicit support from @rae

I think its up to 3-4 times now I’ve complained again today as it happens as I didn’t want it to be forgotten while someone is fixing the vodafone problem.

The responses were the usual have you got the latest update have you done a full reset on your phone etc… and we’ll look into for you. No response after that other than the closing of the ticket after the number of elapsed days

Yes I had non resolved issue with charging, I gave up. I had to answer the emails with banal answers and couldn’t do it.

Try and follow it up if you like. Create a new topic on this specific issue with 3. Post the ticket numbers and if no useful response form Fairphone tag @rae in the new topic.

Have you tried another Fairphone, where do you reside, hand out? maybe someone can check it isn’t your phone, you could also ask 3 for a new SIM card to see if that may be the issue.

The sim is fine from what I can see it works flawlessly in a Nexus 5, Nexus5X with its old android and /e/OS it also works in a Nokia 7 Plus (charging this phone requires taping the phone to the desk so not to disturb the usb-c port.

A friend of mine on the same network she bought a 3+ and she has the same issue. Areas are Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Norfolk.

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Hi everyone, I just split this discussion off into a new topic as the problem was obviously not introduced by the latest 3.A.0129 update (as was the case on Vodafone DE).

@ewfwe221343 have you contacted Three about it? In the case of Vodafone Germany people also contacted them, and they acknowledged the issue.

Not according to the OP they said they have had the issue for a year but still better to have a new topic :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I forgot the word ‘not’ :flushed:

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I have tried to contact them previously and they said it was the fault of my phone. Theres nothing like going round in circles.

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I can also confirm this issue still exists with three UK on the fairphone 3 with the firmware (8901.3.A.0129.20210805).

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Hmm! That doesn’t sound helpful or possibly correct

@AlexMcLellan I would suggest you contact Fairphone officially

I also am on the Three network in the UK and the problem with the ‘unknown caller’ is the same after the latest updates. What is most frustrating is that Fairphone keep telling me that I just need to disable VoLTE but what this actually does, at least on this phone, is disable 4G. Once 4G is disabled you get very little connection in the UK.

Build : 8901.3.A.0134.20211116

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If that is the case then you may just have to put a bit more pressure on Fairphone to work this out with 3 and provide an update.

Well I have a ticket going with them and I keep replying. Not much else I can do. I can’t really break the phone contract as I may will have the same problem with the next network. I’m starting to think about asking for a refund to be honest.