Universal plug solves screen freezes?

I have a Fairphone 2, I generally use it in Italy and generally when I charge it I have screen freeze issues. With “generally” I mean with a number of USB cables, either connected to the power socket with an Italian plug or directly connected to the computer.
I am currently in Ireland and I charge my phone connecting a usb cable (one I also use in Italy) to the power socket with a universal plug.

The funny thing is that here the phone works perfectly: i have being here for almost one week and I never experienced any screen freeze.

Any idea of how this could happen? Does this universal plug do some kind of magic? xd What if I use it in Italy? Could this really solve the freeze issue?

This post probably fits either in the topic about screen freezes or in the one about the best charging cables for FP2, just feel free to move it anywhere you think it fits.

I think this is a pretty good explanation:

With the universal plug your actually unisolated charger gets isolated and it works as expected.


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