"Unfortunately, Fairphone Updater has stopped."

Since about a week or so my phone occasionally tells me that “Unfortunately, Fairphone Updater has stopped.”. Usually this happens about a minute or so after booting it but also later on. It is easily triggered by manually starting the updater: a black screen appears, quickly disappears again and then the error pops up.

Does anyone perhaps know how to a) get the updater to work again, especially with the new 1.8 coming soon, or b) to prevent the updater from starting so the error doesn’t interrupt me?

Usually for problems like this the first suggestion is to clear the cache, sometimes that works. (Settings > Apps > All > Fairphone Updater > Clear cache)

About the new 1.8 update - I hope I’m allowed to say this - FP is thinking about releasing an update for the Updater App first and let the OS Update run from the new App. I’m sure you can manually download the new App and install it.

Thank you @paulakreuzer! Next time I’ll try to think of that myself. Just clearing the cache was not enough, had to delete the ‘data’ as well. Now the updater seems to work and all 4 Fairphone OS versions (Chenpi 1.5, Cherry 1.6, Hazelnut 1.7, Kola Nut 1.8) are available for selection!


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