Unable to upload pictures using whatsapp and facebook


I am currently unable to upload pictures using WhatsApp a and Facebook. Whenever I design a post and add a picture the added picture doesn’t show up. Instagram, however, is working as intended.

I have reinstalled both apps, rebooted and cleared cache but still this problem persists…

What to do?

Sounds like the Privacy Impact bug again. Please have a look into this thread. You need to re-enable Privacy Impact by unchecking the checkbox in Settings > Sound & Notifications > Privacy Impact. If there is any app misbehaving at any time you should have a look into this Privacy Impact feature first.

@Juli_R this applies to FP2 only. @Joeri_Scholte Do you own a FP2 or a FP1? If it’s the former, then this topic should go into #fairphone2help

@Stefan You are right. Sorry! I didn’t notice that it was tagged FP1 Help. :confused:

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Thanks! Got it working again! It was indeed privacy impact.

Sorry about not mentioning i have a fp2.