Unable to add songs on playlists

Hello, I have a problem with adding songs to playlists on my new FairPhone 3+. I have downloaded 2 apps (Shuttle and Phonograph) and the same problems appear. I can create a playlist and give it a name but I am unable to add anything to it even though I do " add this song to … playlist" it doesn’t make any difference. Does anybody have a answer to that problem ? Thank you for your reply.

Did you already solve the problem wit the SD card? As many memory related problems and even strange App behavior might occur, when used as internal media, there might be a coincidence.


I had the same problem and it was my SD card. Even though i had used it without problem on android 9 i had to format as mobile storage when i found out what was happening in Android 10. It wasn’t formatted as internal storage on Android 9 so i don’t know why it needed done but it worked from then. Like you i had tried multipile apps before i realised!


The problem may be that if you insert a new/clean SD card the initila set up asks if you want to format the SD card, most people would say yes and the default is internal i.e. the top choice. The second option ‘Portable’ isn’t an obvious choice.

However as I was moving an SD card with data (music, videos, docs etc.) from a Samsung there was no inclination to format it. Also some people may not know what formatting does.

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Now it’s external. It doesn’t change anything.

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You may have to clear the cache of the apps that you were using as they may still be looking at the internal memory.


I did that. The problem is still there

You may want to try a factory reset before you install a lot of personal data and customisations. If it still doesn’t work after that you had better contact support@fairphone.com ~ if you have not already done so.

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I did the third reset this morning

This seems a bit off, so if you have done a Settings > System > Rest options > Erase all data (factory reset) without the SD card

Where are the songs you are trying to make a list from?

Once you’ve done a full reset and then you install a Music Player are you able to play the songs you can access?

My songs are on an SD card that was formatted on a windows computer many years ago and I just put it in the phone and ignored it’s prompt to format.

I use MP3 player https://apkpure.com/music-player/com.search.music.mp3.musicplayer

I don’t know the two apps you mention so I couldn’t really walk through the steps you take.

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