UK Emergency alerts (test 23/04/2023)


Dear Fairphone users,

Today at 1500 the UK GOV will broadcast its first test of the emergency alert system. It will be interesting to see if I receive it because on my FP3 I can’t get into the settings page for Emergency alerts because it “keeps stopping”.

The usual fix for this type of issue (find app in settings, clear storage) is not possible because the storage options are disabled:

I tried disabling all device admin apps (still disabled)
I also tried rebooting to Safe Mode (still disabled); perhaps not surprising as this is a system app.

Regardless of anyone’s views on whether these alerts are needed, it would be nice to be able to either receive them or adjust the settings. Any other ideas other than full factory reset?

You mean this setting?

Ah, that one works although displays as “Emergency Alerts (Operator)” here.

I was trying to use this one:

Maybe the above one is for the USA system?

I just have a FP4 with Android 12 so maybe a bit different, however I think the setting in my Screenshot is the setting used during the emergency alert testings done last year in Germany. So I doubt that’s for US.

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You don’t say which OS you are using.
Using the Beta 13 the access options are as you showed via
Settings > Apps (A13) > See all ## apps > Emergency alerts > App info Storage and cache

also Settings > Apps (A13) > See all ## apps > Emergency alerts > App info Storage and cache

also ‘Settings > Safety and emergency’

and 'Settings > Safety and emergency > Emergency alerts

On my FP4 (A12 - FP4.SP25.B.058) under Settings > Notifications > Wireless emergency alerts I have (for France)

So a lot of variety according to Android version and country.


My handset is on Android 11:

It wasn’t caused by the latest released build as I installed that this morning after encountering the issue and it was the same before and after the update

Thanks for conforming the OS version, so is everything?

I was trying and failing to access the same menu on my FP3 this morning in advance of the test… I think I just got in by searching for ‘emergency’ in settings and picking the Emergency alerts result.

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Hi all,

I didn’t receive the alert and having checked my settings (by searching “emergency” within settings) everything was set to on and I should have received the alert.

May be an operator related issue as some operators are reporting issues (I’m on an EE MVNO (RWG) ) .

Did any fairphone 3 users successfully receive the alert?

Not me on EE

Maybe I missed. I wasn’t sitting around waiting for it :0

I received the alert at 14:59 on my FP3 on GiffGaff. It was underwhelming compared to what I expected. There was quite wide variation in the times that people that I know received it on different networks (the latest that I heard of was 13:17 on 3), although I don’t know anyone else with a Fairphone… I know of one person who didn’t receieve it but was expecing to, although I don’t yet know which network they are on.

Received the alert, now know where the settings are. Only mystery is why the Emergency alerts “app” crashes and I can’t clear its storage. Doesn’t really matter though

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