I didn't receive the UK emergency service broadcast


everything have been enabled.

Has this been your experience with this device, or was it the fault of my carrier, SMARTY?

Maybe it makes sense to add your carrier for reference?

In Germany it def was a carrier Telekom issue and/or for my company Iphone I had not installed the update needed and published only a few days before

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I received the UK emergency alerts, right on time on the 23/4, on my FP4. My phone contract is with EE

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Smarty says on their website:
You will not receive alerts if your device is:
turned off or in airplane mode
connected to a 2G or 3G network
Wi-Fi only

Also they state the following:
Following the emergency alerts test on Sunday, we’ve been working with the government and have identified a technical issue that meant some of our customers didn’t receive the alert. This morning (24th of April) our engineers deployed a fix meaning there will be no issue with future alerts.


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