Ubuntu Touch, Android 12, Fairphone 4 bootloader?

I just got the Fairphone 4, but to unlock bootloader I’m supposed to update, which I’m assuming pushes me to Android 12.

On Ubuntu Touch website however it say’s to install ubuntu touch I need to be on Android 11

Ubuntu Touch

Based on both instructions I’d have to not follow one of them, any ideas?

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According to this post it’s fine to install Ubuntu Touch when the FP4 is already at Android 12:

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Sweet, I’ll freely try out FairphoneOS before I try unlocking bootloader and installing any other OS.

Very interesting, would you mind giving a little info on usability after some weeks.

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I decided to get a second Fairphone 4 to run both Ubuntu Touch and FairphoneOS. I want to clarify the core issue. If I follow the instructions of Ubuntu Touch, I will not be following Fairphone instructions for unlocking the boatloader.


ubuntu touch community forum

ubuntu touch instructions

That means they’re is technically no absolutely safe way to install Ubuntu Touch on the Fairphone 4 at the present day. If something goes wrong unlocking the bootloader on Android 11, Fairphone has no reason to provide support because you wouldn’t be following they’re instructions. If you unlock the bootloader on Android 12 and install Ubuntu Touch you wouldn’t be following Ubuntu Touch instructions.

Seems to be a disconnect between the two communities.

Havent followed the links, however you unlock the bootloader by generating an unlock code and then run fastboot flashing unlock (plus unlocking critical probably)

how can ubuntu do this differently?

What do you mean by this exactly? Unlocking itself normally does not do any harm, so you mean when flashing and relocking? If so thats always true and not connected to Android 11.

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Looks like you don’t need to update fairphone 4 to unlock bootloader. If you update fairphone 4 it will upgrade to Android 12 which isn’t officially supported by Ubuntu Touch.

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