FP4 + Ubuntu Touch

I update the OS to v2, last night (and looked at Libertine afterwards).

All in all, a critical problem is that there is no decent map application.

  1. uNav appears to let you make bookmarks, but cannot show them.
  2. Pure Maps (which comes in two versions, one called “slim”, and I can find no information at all on the difference) does everything right except it does not show an arrow on the map, at your location, rather, it shows a very pale filled blue circle, which becomes minutely small as GPS becomes accurate, and which then cannot be seen.
  3. MulitMaps I tried and it froze up, IIRC.

That’s it. Those are the three map apps.

Pure Maps is the least worst by miles (I can search, and it shows bookmarks), and the location problem is, given there are no other options, tolerable - but I would rather have a fully viable map app.

I also need off-line translate, which is not available.

Also, in general, the ecosystem looks fragile by the paucity of apps. For example, there is one 2FA app. It’s a quick port from Ubuntu, and not much supported. What if it stops working?

I’ll see if I can get Libertine working. If that works, and allows the installation of additional functionality, it could be a solution, otherwise, it’s /e/OS.

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I agree with the paucity of apps. Those are mostly user-developed on their free time, so it could explains it.

For 2FA app there are actually two of them, Authenticator NG that is a fork of the Ubuntu one and 2FA Manager from Cibersheep :slight_smile:

For the others issues, you could ask directly on the UBPorts forum or one of the Telegram group*. As it’s not FP4-specific questions you’ll have more probability of someone helping you there :+1:

*I gave you the link to the English group, there are also language-specific UBPorts groups like french, german, italian…


good day i buy fairphone 4 and i want change android 12 with ubuntu linux but i need info step by step and where i download linux, and if i dont like ubuntu possible rechange operating system?
2: my fairphone have only 1 slot sim card why?

  1. I don’t think you can install Ubuntu on a Fairphone 4. I’ve never heard of it being possible, at least
  2. It has 1 physical slot, and 1 virtual slot for e-sim

Its possible

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The more you know… I don’t see the point though, but whatever floats people’s boats.

Please read above and other Topics

Fairphone 4 is one of the promoted devices of Ubuntu Touch so it should not be difficult to install it:
Download the UBports installer and follow the instructions :slight_smile:

Yes it’s always possible to go back to Android OS.

Just a side note: Ubuntu Touch doesn’t support relocking bootloader, so it has to be kept unlocked.

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i have unlocked bootloader but the ADB command not working:

If this doesn’t work, try ./fastboot flashing unlock and press the Enter :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: key.

  • Follow the instructions on the Fairphone screen. This command will wipe all the personal data on your phone.
  • After the phone reboots, boot into the fastboot mode once again (step 3).
  • In a Command Promp or a terminal, type fastboot flashing unlock_critical and press the Enter :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: key.

If this doesn’t work, try ./fastboot flashing unlock_critical and press the Enter :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: key.

  • Follow the instructions on the Fairphone screen. This command will wipe all the personal data on your phone.

What is not working? Please paste the error message if you have one…

Is your phone in fastboot mode before doing those commands? A quick way to check is to type adb devices and fastboot devices to see if your computer see your FP4 :slight_smile:


And just to sort out: you cant use adb when in fastboot and you tried fastboot commands and not adb commands…


i have thys problem: i have unlocked OEM but when i restart the fastboot mode this message appear: DEVICE STATE: LOCKED

With enabling OEM unlock, you dont unlock the bootloader you just give the option do it, with fastboot

how unlock device state?

See part 2 of https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/10492476238865-Manage-the-Bootloader

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Or follow the instructions you posted above, assuming those come from Ubuntu

Big performance improvement for FP4 on Ubuntu Touch Focal :smiley:

FOCAL development
Focal on UT has been out for some months now. There have been two releases so far. With OTA3 imminent. With OTA3, if your device supports the Focal build, you will find a direct option to switch in settings. Everything had to be reworked to use SystemD instead of UpStart, so the amount of work involved was huge. There is a new Network Manager, a new build of Ofono and much more.

Halium QG has been brewing for about a year and it now brings immense performance improvements. Qt provides basic functionality to put things on the screen. Controls, buttons, text. Since Halium QG works as a Qt plugin, there is nothing that developers have to do because their apps already sit on top of Qt.

Porters do need to enable it, if it would assist their build. There will be some documentation on how to do that soon. The Fairphone 4 and Pixel 3a already have it enabled. It is built for multicore use. With all the tweaks in place, the performance benchmark for UT on the FP4 has increased 10x! A video was shown which showcases the impressive results but note that the video was made before binary blobs and all the tweaks were in place. Performance is now even better.

Part of the changes to Halium made by Alfred harness the power of the Android binary blobs. Morph browser shows those changes strongly. For porters the top priority should always be stability and they should work on that first but if they have done that, there are performance tweaks like this they could work on too.

The benchmark rating on the FP4 is very stable at 200 milliseconds. If there are limiting factors they are somewhere else. The particular approach used features built into Android phones so they are not applicable to Mainline but there may be other approaches that Mainline developers could take.


Some news about FP4 in the last UBports Q&A :slight_smile:


Fairose asked about the current state of FP4 with pre-installed UT. Is there an expected date for sales to start? Actually we may skip a model and go for launch with FP5. One of the things we are particularly keen on is to have 5G support. Marius has got that working in beta. It should be in Devel by the time of the next Q&A.

In the EU we can get by without VoLTE but in many countries it is essential and we would want FP5 to have that at launch.

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Focal 20.04 OTA-3 Available Now

Today we are very pleased to announce the release of Ubuntu Touch OTA-3 Focal. The third stable release based on Ubuntu 20.04 brings many improvements and changes. All the details can be found in the OTA-3 blog.