UBPorts 16.04 updates + feature tests

How did you do this step, if I may ask? Is there any special approach to install TWRP while on UT?

No, it’s the simple approach :slight_smile:

  • adb reboot bootloader (or Power + Vol Down)
  • sudo fastboot flash recovery twrp-fp2.img
  • sudo fastboot reboot with Vol Up to go directly to recovery

Wow, so easy. Thank you.

And the image twrp-fp2.img I download from https://dl.twrp.me/FP2/ right?

Indeed ! :slight_smile:

Additionally and optionally, you can also fastboot flash splash splash.img an image from here, as UBports flash its own “powered by Ubuntu” starting screen :wink:

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TWRP takes care of the OS backup, allright.
But what do you do with your personal data in Internal Storage, which TWRP does not backup?
Do you use a patch (successfully)?

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Hello @AnotherElk !
Usually I do only OTA-updates without wiping the /data/storage, so I don’t backup it automatically.
When I have to wipe (e.g. fresh install), I connect the FP2 to the computer by USB in mode MTP then I copy/paste :slight_smile:

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In the Ubuntu forum someone had tried to install GAPPs in anbox. Which got me curious if my car sharing apps would work with the play services installed.

Unfortunately the opengapps repos on github are down at the moment. So I tried with some old GAPPs I still had on my laptop but it seems they are too old (Dec. 2017).

In case anyone is interested: here is more info


opengapps repos are back, so anyone who wants to try can do again :slight_smile:

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In the meantime I got a MS Display Adapter. Connecting to it works (not always on first try) and once it’s connected it doesn’t crash as with my BluRay player.

But unfortunately the screen is a little off, e.g. the settings app is moved to the left and part of the text is cut off.

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Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 is here !! To find out more on how to get OTA-8, its features and updates, click on the link below.


#UBports #UbuntuTouch #OTA8 #Blog


Solved that by installing the Wireless Display Adapter app from the windows store on my laptop. Then it was possible to change the overscan of the adapter, so that the entire desktop is now visible :slight_smile:


Ubuntu Touch OTA-9 is rolling out now with fixes to the Nexus 5 camera, Morph Browser improvements, and much more!

To learn more about OTA-9, including its new features and fixes, check out https://ubports.com/blog/1/post/225


Hello guys,
sadly, I came to the conclusion three weeks ago to remove UT from my FP2 at the moment. I’ve been using UT for 2 years originally with a BQ E4.5 in the Canonical and early UBPorts times. Then I got last year the FP2 as the only new device still available for sale that is ported to UT. I’ve been using it since September on my FP2.

But in my experience, UT is just not stable enough on the FP2. There are so many crashes. In 15.04, it were the system reboots, now in 16.04 it is the Unity 8 crashes. I had usually several each day, often when typing a SMS/e-mail or Telegram. All the message was gone then, which is very annoying. Daily tasks like streaming internet radio were painful because the stream disconnected and I had to restart many times etc. As long UT user, I knew that there was often a less comfortable solution than with Android, but I liked UT anyway. It was open source, it gave more control on the device and with the very good community there was always a solution found.
But it was somehow much more instable experience now with the FP2 than before with the BQ E4.5. Hardware works laggy (camera) or not at all (LED light, FM radio). It is said, the instability takes its origin in some memory leak or whatever and is basically not to fix. The whole construction with the Android basement and abstraction layer for UT seems to make the phone both unstable and quite slow and CPU demanding/short on battery.

I removed UT three weeks ago and I’m trying Sailfish OS at the moment. It works very smoothly, same speed as the native Android ROMs from Fairphone itself.

What’s your experience with stability of UT on the FP2? Do you also see so many Unity 8 crashes and reboots?
From my experience, I would even propose to remove the FP2 from the “stable devices” list for UT and put it more like “experimental”. At the moment, there are wrong expectations created, also for people who have been using UT before with one of the BQ devices, by which UT worked quite fine.

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I’m a FP2 owner for a bit more than one month now. I immediately flashed UT on it so I can’t compare with Android. My very first impression was that it was very buggy, but after 2 days using it, I understood the bugs and found some workaround. I now use it as my primary device for weeks and I don’t encounter so many crashes like you. Are you sure your phone is up-to-date? Are you using the last OTA-9 update? Did you flash the phone firmware? I don’t know where I can find the firmwares version I am using but I did do some upgrades before and after flashing UT. Maybe there is your problem?

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To be more precise: I never had a crash with the SMS app, and the LED light is working perfectly fine for me. That’s why I really think you had an old firmware. I said “had” because I read in another topic that you flashed Sailfish so you probably followed that guide and should now have updated your firmware. So if you leave Sailfish, maybe you want to try UT again now that you have the new firmware?


Good news : someone find the cause of the camera bug affecting FP2 on Ubuntu Touch :smiley:

From Q&A 52:

A shout out to Ratchanan Srirattanamet who fixed the camera rotation bug on the Fairphone. That turned out not to be a bug in UT at all but a failure in how Android reports the camera state.

And from the bug report:

After some digging in different codebases, I’ve found the following conclusions:

  1. The FP2 cameras’ orientation: I can confirm that the new FP2 front camera is rotated differently than the old one, and it’s reflected in Android’s camera API, which is passed onto libhybris & QT (but more on this later) (1).
  2. Ubuntu Touch’s support for camera orientation: it seems like the QT pathway of Ubuntu Touch’s camera support always assume that the back camera is rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise (2) and that the front camera is always rotated the other way around (3). Worst of all, both assumptions are made in different places (the first in camera-app , the latter in qtubuntu-camera ).
  3. The special cases for BQ Aquaris E4.5 & E5: after asking with a QA member with an E5, it turns out that the reported orientation from it is the same as the new FP2 front camera module (4), yet photo & video captured from it does rotate correctly. Turns out, the orientation reported from the Android API is a lie and Ubuntu acknowledges this in Oxide source code (and also reveals that this applies to E4.5 as well) (5).
  4. Different schematic for Android’s and QT’s orientation: Android’s camera orientation is defined as “the angle that the camera image needs to be rotated clockwise so it shows correctly on the display in its natural orientation” (6). However, QT’s orientation is defined as “the physical orientation of the camera sensor” (7). qtubuntu-camera currently passes this value as-is from Android API and has to be fixed.

So, the following work is required:

  1. Update qtubuntu-camera to report orientation correctly, add the exception for E4.5 & E5, and remove the assumption about the “other way round” rotation (this should be done in the app).
  2. Update camera-app to take the corrected orientation into account, and revert the device’s orientation for the front camera.

I’ll take care of the first work, and may work on the second one if no one else does it after I finished the first one.


After quite some time (testing LOS 16.0) on my development device, I installed UT again today using the 0.2.2-beta AppImage installer (wiped everything from TWRP and formatted data to get rid of the encryption). Flawless install, no problem whatsoever.

Haven’t done much testing yet except the work in progress to fix the “selfie camera upside down” bug.

And then the selfie camera shows the image with correct orientation.

Edit: it seems you must be on the devel channel for this to work, because some other required updates haven’t made it to RC and stable yet.


Ubuntu Touch OTA 10 got released!

To start, Fairphone 2 users will be happy to know that we’ve implemented proper checking for Android’s reported camera orientation. This means that we are able to work with all of the Fairphone 2 camera revisions successfully. No more upside-down selfies!

See full changelog at link.


Didn’t have much time to play with UT lately. Apart from OTA 10 there are some notable changes