UBPorts 16.04 updates + feature tests

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How did you do this step, if I may ask? Is there any special approach to install TWRP while on UT?


No, it’s the simple approach :slight_smile:

  • adb reboot bootloader (or Power + Vol Down)
  • sudo fastboot flash recovery twrp-fp2.img
  • sudo fastboot reboot with Vol Up to go directly to recovery


Wow, so easy. Thank you.

And the image twrp-fp2.img I download from https://dl.twrp.me/FP2/ right?


Indeed ! :slight_smile:


Additionally and optionally, you can also fastboot flash splash splash.img an image from here, as UBports flash its own “powered by Ubuntu” starting screen :wink:


TWRP takes care of the OS backup, allright.
But what do you do with your personal data in Internal Storage, which TWRP does not backup?
Do you use a patch (successfully)?


Hello @AnotherElk !
Usually I do only OTA-updates without wiping the /data/storage, so I don’t backup it automatically.
When I have to wipe (e.g. fresh install), I connect the FP2 to the computer by USB in mode MTP then I copy/paste :slight_smile:


In the Ubuntu forum someone had tried to install GAPPs in anbox. Which got me curious if my car sharing apps would work with the play services installed.

Unfortunately the opengapps repos on github are down at the moment. So I tried with some old GAPPs I still had on my laptop but it seems they are too old (Dec. 2017).

In case anyone is interested: here is more info


opengapps repos are back, so anyone who wants to try can do again :slight_smile:


In the meantime I got a MS Display Adapter. Connecting to it works (not always on first try) and once it’s connected it doesn’t crash as with my BluRay player.

But unfortunately the screen is a little off, e.g. the settings app is moved to the left and part of the text is cut off.


Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 is here !! To find out more on how to get OTA-8, its features and updates, click on the link below.


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Solved that by installing the Wireless Display Adapter app from the windows store on my laptop. Then it was possible to change the overscan of the adapter, so that the entire desktop is now visible :slight_smile: