TWS Earbuds XS caps


The ear-caps of my TWS FP Earbuds are too big for my ears, even the smallest ones.
Some brands offer XS ear-caps.
How could I be sure to find a compatible brand?
Does anybody have a brand to recommend?

As for the replacement ear-caps sold by FP,
why would you sell a 3 sizes pack, when only 1 size will fit???
It defeats the all purpose of limiting wastes.

I think you should sell the Earbuds with 3, or even 4 different sizes of ear-caps (XS to L), but you should sell every size seperately as spareparts, by packs of 4.

Proud owner of a FP4 along with FP Earbuds ( for free :-), thanks a lot!!! )


Just to note this is a user forum not an official Fairphone support communication way. You may like to pass your ideas to Fairphone proper. Maybe email

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I did write to them, at least for the XS caps recommandations, not for the single size caps spare packs.

I decided to ask on the forum to, maybe someone could help and point to a specific caps brand / store.

Thanks for replying!


I cannot provide any option for you either, but I wanted to say I heard the wish for XS eartips from 2-3 users before. I myself am on the other end, using the L eartips (and having sold away my S ones already), although I’m really not tall at all. I feel like King Charles III now :wink: … or like an …

Side note, back to serious: For those needing a new pair from the existing set (S/M/L), I’d always recommend to us this forum’s inofficial marketplace first to see if anyone has spare ones never needed.

I just got my FP earbuds which I bought in a hurry after realising that it’s a mandatory purchase if you don’t have wireless ones yet. Unfortunately, I now noticed that even the smallest size of the silicone tips at 12mm diameter seem to be too big for my ears. My previous cable headphones’ smallest size, which fit quite nicely, are 10mm. I can’t use them though, because a) they don’t fit on the earbuds and b) they are of a different colour, so it would be really ugly.

I noticed quite a few people writing about the same problem in the reviews, so hopefully they will add an extra size in the future. In the meantime, does anybody know of a smaller 3rd party silicone tip that fits the FP earbuds?


If you are referring to the absence of the headphone jack, then you have other options. You can buy a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter and use your existing wired headphones. There is either the official one or a plethora of unofficial ones:


Well thank you very much, now I feel silly for not thinking of adapters.

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You’re welcome. :smiley: You have 14 days to return them if you change your mind.

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