TWS Earbuds XS caps


The ear-caps of my TWS FP Earbuds are too big for my ears, even the smallest ones.
Some brands offer XS ear-caps.
How could I be sure to find a compatible brand?
Does anybody have a brand to recommend?

As for the replacement ear-caps sold by FP,
why would you sell a 3 sizes pack, when only 1 size will fit???
It defeats the all purpose of limiting wastes.

I think you should sell the Earbuds with 3, or even 4 different sizes of ear-caps (XS to L), but you should sell every size seperately as spareparts, by packs of 4.

Proud owner of a FP4 along with FP Earbuds ( for free :-), thanks a lot!!! )


Just to note this is a user forum not an official Fairphone support communication way. You may like to pass your ideas to Fairphone proper. Maybe email

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I did write to them, at least for the XS caps recommandations, not for the single size caps spare packs.

I decided to ask on the forum to, maybe someone could help and point to a specific caps brand / store.

Thanks for replying!


I cannot provide any option for you either, but I wanted to say I heard the wish for XS eartips from 2-3 users before. I myself am on the other end, using the L eartips (and having sold away my S ones already), although I’m really not tall at all. I feel like King Charles III now :wink: … or like an …

Side note, back to serious: For those needing a new pair from the existing set (S/M/L), I’d always recommend to us this forum’s inofficial marketplace first to see if anyone has spare ones never needed.