TWRP - E:Unable to decrypt FBE device

Did not use TWRP for a longer time. Just made backup from unencrypted Lineage 16.0-20200103
with TWRP 3.3.1-1 and got following message just at the beginning of the backup:
“E:Unable to decrypt FBE device”

But it seems that backup was okay because there were no further red or negative infos.

Is there anything of importance which was not backed up?
Thanks for any info.

I don’t know about this specific case, but in general:
TWRP doesn’t back up any user-saved files (photos, downloads, everything else). I don’t know whether you consider that to fall under ‘anything of importance’, but it’s an obligatory warning to anyone reading along.


I copy all user-saved files always manually. The question was whether all other items are okay and backup can be copied back. Your answer gives me the feeling that it will work. Thanks.

Just by a quick search I could find this and this. Not sure if it can provide some useful information.

Surely there is more to find here by using the search function.

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