TWRP 3.4.0-0 Released

There is a new version available for our FP2:


I’m wondering, if this version is able to decrypt /data, can anyone test?


Did a quick check when the new version was mentioned over here, but … nope.
Lots of decryption stuff in the changelog, but doesn’t work for my encrypted /e/ Android 9 on the Fairphone 2 currently.

(Decryption works fine with /e/ Android 9 on my Fairphone 3, though.)

Decryption on FP2 would need to be fixed in the device-tree.
Maybe @z3ntu can take a look?

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He did …

Sometimes things just don’t work out, it is how it is. Stuff can be complicated, and encryption support in TWRP is not guaranteed for a reason I guess.

It isn’t guaranteed, because there is no generic solution and it needs to be enabled on a per-device basis.
There are probably libs and services missing for getting it to work on FP2.
If he wants to tackle it again, he can contact me and I can try to help.


Is it necessary to update to make future updates of a running Lineage 17.1?

AFAIK, no you are fine using an older TWRP version.


The new TWRP 3.4.0-0 successfully decrypts Android 7 encryption, though (a kind of decryption that was broken since TWRP 3.3.0)


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