Turn off dictionary in FP2

I have turned of the auto correction in the settings (not sure if this is the correct name in English, it is “Rechtschreibeprüfung” in German). However, when I write, the auto correction is still correcting my text.

Does anyone has the same problem and knows how to fix it? I did not get an answer from the support team so far but it is only almost a month ago since I wrote.

Thank you for your help

You have to switch it off in Language & input -->Android Keyboard (AOSP)–>Text correction

I have the same problem, I DID turn it off in the settings of “android keyboard (AOSP)” - it’s still correcting my text. Where can I switch it off definitely?

=>sorry I just found the answer, somehow I didn’t see the option of different levels of text correction (because there is no button to switch on or off, you actually have to type on the “text correction” option to be able to see that there are different levels of it)

More precisely: