Trying to charge my FP3

My FP3 isn’t charging anymore from one the to the next, the battary is still fine I guess. I opened the whole thing to cleane everything but still no result. Do I need to get a new bottom module or is there someting else I can try?

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Before buying a bottom module, give other charging cables and other chargers a try. Instead of or better in addition to another charger, you can also try to charge the FP3 from a computer.

If none of them allow you to charge the FP3 – is there another FP3 user nearby? If s/he is willing to, you could try that other FP3’s bottom module first to find out if that helps. If you don’t know another Fairphoner nearby, have a look here:


Thank you for your information. I did try different cables and chargers. I don’t know other people with a FP and the closest angel is an our away. But that’s a nice website, thanks for the tip. There is nothing else left than buying a new bottom I’m afraid.

I guess you don’t have a valid warranty ? The FP3+ only came out just over two years ago, Sept 2020.

By the way where are you?

And don’t be too upset if the bottom module replacement doen’t work. The charging controls are on the core module which you cannot change yourself.

I would try dismantling again etc. How far did you go in the process and how did you clean? with isoproply alcohol ??

If you have no warranty you can disassemble the actual bottom module for better cleaning.

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Luckily it did work, after I installed the bottum module my FP is charging again!


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