Trying to buy fp3+ cams for my fp3

hi there,

i wanna upgrade my fp3 to an fp3+ with (sw-update + ) the new cams.
i dont use credit-cards, paypal or onlinebanking.

so how can i buy smthng in this ?

best regards,

Payment options vary depending on the country you buy from. If I buy from Germany, a normal bank transfer seems an option – that should allow for offline bank transfers as well (Fairphone will wait for the arrival of the payment though, so it will probably take a few more days).


Be aware that there are more differences between the two phones, so you will not exactly get a Fairphone 3+ this way :wink: .
(And in fact there is no way to achieve this 100%.)

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hm, you’re right … why isnt this possible for austria ?
or was the hint to buy it with Germany as country? i would also pay 4 euros less (DHL) …

so … i cannot buy anything in fairphone shop ;(

i know that - although the specifications are the same except cam + bumper (accessior),
since the cams on my FP3 are upgrade-able to the cams of FP3+, i wanna do that … if fairphone wants to take my money (doesnt seem like that)

Actually the Fairphone 3+ also has got a better amplifier soldered on its core module, along with a new speaker module, it’ll have a better and louder speaker sound.

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