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Good morning,

not anyone can improve english as good as they want to express themselves as they want and a lot of meanings can be lost and some misunderstoods could be provoked.
By the way I´ve seen that the german speaker are more active than the others and people who can´t german can have the feeling to be excluded.
The people who use Fairphone are more “militant” than normal “consumers” and the vocation of this product is to be universal.
That´s why I´m proposing to integrate in all discussions a translators software to help everyone to express himself as free and meaningfull as possible.

Does it make sense for you ?

Bonjour Ă  tous,

Tout le monde ne maîtrise pas la langue anglaise autant qu´il serait souhaitable pour s´exprimer pleinement sans faire d´erreurs et/ou de malentendus.
Je remarque aussi que les germanophones sont les plus actifs sur ce forum. De fait, ceux qui ne connaissent pas ou insuffisamment cette langue peuvent légitimement se sentir exclus.
Les gens qui achètent et utilisent les produits Fairphone sont davantage des militants que des consommateurs lambda. La vocation de ces appareils est aussi d´être universellle et donc de permettre la communication et l´utilisation par tout un chacun.
Je propose donc l´idée d´intégrer un logiciel de traduction dans chacun des fils de discussion, car, au-delà des principes déclarés, la mise en œuvre de ceux-ci est l´unique garantie de leurs existence.

Est-ce que celà fait sens ? Est-ce souhaitable et réalisable ?

Guten Morgen an Jeden,

Nicht jeder hat die englische Sprache so gut beherrscht, wie es wünschenswert wäre, um sich vollständig auszudrücken, ohne Fehler und / oder Missverständnisse zu machen.
Ich stelle auch fest, dass Deutschsprachige in diesem Forum am aktivsten sind. Tatsächlich fühlen sich diejenigen, die diese Sprache nicht oder nur unzureichend kennen, zu Recht ausgeschlossen.
Die Menschen, die Fairphone-Produkte kaufen und verwenden, sind mehr Aktivisten als normale Verbraucher. Die Berufung dieser Geräte soll auch universell sein und daher die Kommunikation und Nutzung durch alle ermöglichen.
Ich schlage daher die Idee vor, Übersetzungssoftware in jeden der Diskussionsthreads zu integrieren, da ihre Implementierung über die erklärten Prinzipien hinaus die einzige Garantie für ihre Existenz ist.

Macht das Sinn? Ist es wĂĽnschenswert und erreichbar?

I don’t think that this is a good idea because of two reasons.

In the past, some people had some automatic translation enabled in their browser (without knowing!) and complained that their posts were changed. The changes sometimes were so drastic that the result didn’t carry the intended meaning.

And in the /e/ forum I know of someone who doesn’t speak English and in order to participate in English topics they use some online translation tool. And the result sounds like gibberish in more than 50% of the cases. It even went so far that someone asked if they had a mental problem and would need help.

Online translators are ok-ish if used with caution but they sometimes do a lot of harm in my opinion. I remember having translated some social media post not too long ago where Google Translate resulted in the exact opposite statement compared with Deepl.com. I don’t think this is helpful.

In my opinion we should maybe point out more that it is ok to post in your native language, too. Sure, that may reach fewer people. But it doesn’t help much if people don’t understand each other because of a language barrier that IMHO can’t be removed reliably with online translators.

P.S.: did you use a tool for parts of your posting? Just asking, because to me “da ihre Implementierung über die erklärten Prinzipien hinaus die einzige Garantie für ihre Existenz ist” is rather nonsense in German for example.


No, not really, I used an old dictionnary to translate a French “expression” which means that principles aren’t only idea but they have to be “incarnated” in order to exist by themselves.
It’s the concept of realisation. This word comes from the Latin “res” : the thing which exist by themself. An other son of this concept is “Republic” or “red publica”.

Is it now clear ?

If I understood you well, you find that linguistic communities with limited contact between them is better ?

We are progressing in a mutual understanding. :wink:

I think what Ingo wants to say is that with such translating tools you will not improve anything as such tools are not reliable. there is even more room for misunderstandings caused by those translations, as due to language barriers. I would completely agree to that point oft view.
The moderators together with normal community members are in my eyes doing a very good job to welcome everyone in this community and to help everyone irrespective of the language used or how perfect the language is used. In addition to that in many countries you find Angels so if language barrier would be too big there is always the possibility to contact them in mother tongue.


Yvmuell summarized nicely what I think. :wink:


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