Transferring photos/albums

I’ve been having problem with charging my FP1 (pretty sure the connection in the phone is ‘loose’ as I changed my charger to another I had lying around - it now charges but I have to ensure the cable is raised for it to charge, if that makes sense). Anyway, my main problem is that when I connect the phone to my computer to transfer photos to the computer or music to the phone, it doesn’t connect as a media device anymore. Any ideas? Thanks all

Make a FTP server on your phone using the App “Amaze” and access the server with your computer. (On Windows you simply have to add a new network folder.)

You might find more information about the procedure in the forum search.

Thanks Stefan. The Amaze app has some bad reviews and I haven’t got space left on my phone for any more apps. I was able to transfer photos without using an app previously so I was hoping there was a way I could do that again. I did search the forum but no luck there. Thanks

If you have Google Apps installed, you can simply turn on synchronization and upload all photos to the cloud. Be aware that Google has full access to them then.

Not a fan of Google, especially in terms of them having access to my stuff, so wouldn’t go that route. Thanks again.

The USB connector is broken. There’s a small chance that data transfers will work if you get just the right angle, but that would require luck and fidgeting around with it may make problems worse. Charging uses fewer connections and requires a less stable connection, which is why that still works. For now.

This is why @Stefan is providing suggestions for transferring data without using the USB port. Of course you can use any online service that you trust to copy data to - Google was just mentioned for ease of use (i.e. you don’t have to upload everything one by one). Another option would be to use a micro-SD card.

Some repair shops will be able to resolder the USB connector, but this can (obviously) also go wrong, so you’ll want to pick a way of copying any data that you do not want to lose off the phone first.

I for one can’t transfer data anymore after I have had the connector resoldered. The idea with the SD card is a good one! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions guys. Might well try and find a non-Google cloud to use, or an SD card sounds like an option too. Don’t think that will help with transferring music to my phone though. In the long run, I might think about getting the Fairphone 2.
Thanks again for your help.

What makes you think so? Most MicroSD cards come with a SD card adaptor that you can simply put into your computer. Drag and drop music, put MicroSD card into phone -> done!

Ah OK that makes sense. Thanks again

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I use syncthing to transfer files. Advantage is, they are constantly synced so whenever I want to use a file on the pc its already there.

DCIM/ <— syncthing —> /home/user/Bilder/fonfoto

The fonfoto folder is the equivalent of what is on the phone. If I move files into my foto-archive folder they get deleted on the phone. Very handy indeed.

And its running in background without using too much battery.

You can also add several devices to the sync, so images can be synced directly to your raspberry running at home.
Also, if you open the wifi on your phone and connect your notebook - it syncs locally even if you turn off the data usage! magic stuff!

Thanks Eric. So is fonfoto on my phone? Couldn’t find it. Or do I have to download it? And what’s a raspberry?!

Raspberry Pi is a small, low power Device which you can use with linux.

fontoto is the name of the folder on my pc, you can name that as you like.
You can use different Devices, PC, Win/Linux/OSX, Smartphone etc.

You could try the app “Airdroid”. Transfers files back and forth wirelessly, has access to the call list from the PC etc.

I’ve had the same problem since the last update : my fairphone used to connect automatically to the computer to download pictures etc… and now I have to get to the menu sliding from the top it offers to choose how to connect with usb if just to load the phone or to transfer pictures etc… before I can do it. It’s a pain but it works ok although it took me a while to find how ! I hope the next update will correct it…and that it might help others in the meantime

Thank you very much to all for the tips - lots of ways to explore - Airdroid sounds like an option

The problem described is different, in the sense that this a hardware fault on FP1s. What you are describing is a change in the default behaviour when connecting USB on the FP2 when switching to Android 6. The change is intentional (security) and part of Google’s design for Android 6, so I’d personally rate the chances of this changing in forthcoming updates very low.

Re the connecting the USB, sounds like you are referring to the FP2, which I don’t have. Unless I’ve misunderstood what you mean? Either way, I’m probably going to get an FP2 as it’s got more temperamental re charging so think it’s best to give up and get a new phone. Thanks

Hi. sorry, I do have a FP2 but you were right, the last update didn’t change anything. I thought it was more practical before rather than having to manipulate the phone to connect to the computer. Never mind, I found the way !

That’s right, sorry for my mistake !