Transfer data from FP1 to FP2 using a SD-card

Hi there,

my new Fairphone 2 just arrived. Now I want to tranfer my data (app data and personal data like contacts, images etc.) from my “old” Fairphone 1 to the new one.

I’ve spent more than an hour searching this forum for this topic, but the only advise I found was to use GoogleDrive or some apps.

But the thing is: I’ve already made a backup on my FP1 through the standard app “Backup and Restore” to my SD-card. Seems this app doesn’t exist in the new FP2 anymore? o_O
Anyway, now I already have all my data on my SD-card, in the FP2. Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to open this backup. Amaze isn’t able to open the backup-files.

I can’t imagine that there’s no easier/faster way to get my data than to install another app or upload my data to Google or any cloud? Now that it’s already on my SD-card! I don’t want to upload it anywhere for data security/privacy reasons.

Hope, you can help me with that!


You can’t restore a backup with a different app than you made the backup with. “Backup & Restore” is not meant to migrate data to a different phone. You’ll have to follow the tips you found searching the forum.

The standard backup-app from the FP1 does not backup your app data!

So it would be a much better idea to use apps like Titanium Backup (worker perfectly for me, but you have to root your FP2 first) or Helium (There is a topic where many people report this also works, but you need the paying version or something like that)

Good luck!

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Ok, thanks! I hoped there would be an easier solution, but anyway, I’ll try it…

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