Back up from FP1 on FP2

Hi all,

I uptraded my FP1 to a FP2. Before doing so i backed up my fp1
Now I’m trying to figure out how i can get this backup on my new device.

Any tips?

That depends on how you backed up your data.

But basically, photos and music you can simply copy from folder to folder. For apps and so on, you need a back up tool, like titanium backup, which needs to be installed on both devices for the data transfer.

See for example:

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I backed up using the back up service on my FP1.
This back up is on my sd-card.

Please note that

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I don’t have my FP1 anymore. And I don’t need my app data. I would just like to have my pictures wich were on my phone and on my back up now

I never used the standard backup app on the FP1. What kind of file is your backup? If it’s a simple zip you can just unpack it and use amaze (file browser) on your FP2 to move the files where they belong.

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